Thursday 15th October 2020

Ride of the Week - Horse riding holiday in Patagonia, Argentina - Horse Safari in Patagonia

Ride of the week - This week’s featured horse riding holiday is Jakob von Plessen’s Patagonia Adventure in Argentina.
Patagonia is South America’s southern frontier, where nature grows wild, barren and beautiful - the name alone conjures pioneering images. Spaces are large, as are the silences that fill them, and with jagged peaks, forest clad mountains, crystal clear lakes and pristine rivers, this is an impressive wilderness - one best experienced from the back of a horse.


Rides are run from November to February - the season is short and the weather in Patagonia is always changeable. November is best for flowers but rain (and snow!) is more likely then too.…


7 night programs explore the remote Filo Huahum valley, riding through Argentina’s oldest national park, Nahuel Huapi, traversing ridges and climbing to high mountain passes.
These are camping rides - if only “camping” , you may think, could always be as delightfully stress-free as it is when you’re on safari in Africa…. Well on this Patagonia Adventure, it IS! Think sundowners (Pisco sours of course), campfires, and (on most nights) walk-in tents with proper beds and fresh linen. Comfort in the Andes!


The Argentines are better than us at many things, and number one has got to be the art of the barbeque, or as they call it, the ‘asado’. And it does taste SO much better when you’ve spent all day on a horse in the mountain air! Wash it down with some Mendozan Malbec, gaze up at the Southern Cross, and bask in the knowledge that you came, saw, and adventured in elegance.


The horses used, are your ideal ‘all-terrain vehicle’, very sure footed and at ease on rough or steep mountain terrain but also energetic, responsive and forward going. Most are Argentine Criollo crosses, some crossed with Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds, some with heavier Percherons. Tack is extremely comfortable, with sheepskins on all saddles and the horses are used to neck reining and relaxed contact.


What we love: The escape, the criollo horses, the stunning scenery and a chance to see the authentic, traditional gaucho way of life - all done with great style and those comforts that make all the difference!

Quote: “I could write you pages, and can use all the usual superlatives but that will still not do it justice. I will just leave you with a remark I put in the visitors book “no one can truly claim that they have seen the world until they have ridden across Patagonia with Jakob von Plessen” We all had a ball!”

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