Wednesday 17th May 2023

Recent feedback

Jordan, Petra to Wadi Rum, May 2023 
Just to let you know - the trip was fabulous- especially Hashem and his horses!! The group was super!! I am at the Jordanian airport and hope to return to this marvelous country soon!!

Hashem and Samer and crew were attentive, concerned with all the riders and wellfare; Hashem loved his horses and they were in great condition! love that; he was great fun too. Hashem kept it fun, a good pace, while keeping everyone safe.

This was an amazing ride - I can imagine it's not for everyone as the camping and the terrain are rough but that was very clear up-front and expected.....Hashem is an exemplary ride leader, one of the top
guides I've had on any ride.

Botswana, Ride Botswana Okavango, May 2023
We just came back to Poland. I am completely happy with this ride.
I am delighted with how experienced guide David is. We felt completely safe with him on horses next to elephants, hipos etc.
Everything was organised perfectly and it is one of my best trip ever.
I started missing this place, ride and people while we were on the plane!
Also, I would like to thank you for all help with organising our trip, all messages, tips and reccomendations. I felt I was looked after perfectly.

Italy, Tuscany & Lazio, April 2023
India and I got back yesterday and wanted to say what a fabulous time we had riding with Duska.
The ride/route was fantastic. The hotels and food superb.
I was lucky enough to ride Duska's horse Danubio for most of the trip. All the horses were great.
Nothing was too much trouble. Cannot recommend this trip highly enough. 

Botswana, Macatoo, April 2023
I felt well informed but having never done anything like this before nothing could have prepared me for the sheer brilliance of the experience.

Colombia, Eje Cafetero, March 2023
My trip was fantastic. Hard to better it.
I haven't been back to Colombia in 30 years and was concerned my memory of the country and its people was a romantic rose tinted one.
But the trip confirmed all that I felt all those years ago. The country is unparalleled in its beauty and the people in their warmth and generosity.
Marc Noonan is the perfect host and guide. Rancho Sáman is a paradise.
What particularly stands out is his love of the country and its people.
But also the love of his horses. Those horses are loved and they know it. I couldn't have been happier with the responsiveness and character of mine - Manchado.
The food all along the way was exceptional. The range of accommodation impressive, varied and always comfortable. I always felt in a network of people and places that Marc has worked hard to cultivate. And wherever we went they loved him and we were made to feel like special guests.
I'll be recommending the trip to many people.

Argentina, Jakob Von Plessen's Patagonia Adventure, December 2022
We had an AMAZING trip to Argentina. I really can't overstate how much we enjoyed the experience. We're already trying to figure out when we can do our next riding trip. I think we're hooked.
Daisy and Marcos were the perfect hosts. They were gracious and charming and kept a smile on the whole time, while keeping us all safe. They did an amazing job pairing horses to people. Dan had a great time on the experienced Manzo and I already miss my little mare. It's just lovely to be around such happy, healthy horses. The setting, food, and accommodations all far exceeded our expectations.

Jordan, Petra to Wadi Rum, 28th August 2022
The entire trip was fantastic. Hashem really looked after his horses which was so lovely to see. He also made sure the weakest rider in our group was happy and by the end she wanted to race all the time. We had the most fantastic time. Samer was an excellent chef and the food was far better than we had expected.

We had a truly incredible time in Jordan - I've been daydreaming about it this week and there are a few moments that keep making me smile...
- Racing Arabian horses through the Wadi Rum desert - I don’t think any of us will ever forget that
- The nights sleeping under the stars
- A newly discovered love of bucket showers
- Samir’s food
- Hashem's love and care for his horses
- Playing cards for 5 hours every day whilst we waited out the desert sun
- Bumping into friendly faces everywhere we went - from the local boys who ran to see us at the petrol station to the Bedouins who welcomed us into their home and the ex camel racers we saw in the desert
- Beating Hashem and Samir at Uno
- All of the sunset rides