Monday 20th November 2023

Recent feedback

Estancia La Rosita, Argentina November 2023
"I am in heaven! I loved Estancia la Rosita SO SO SO MUCH. Wow.
My dreams came true, and I loved my 5 days at the estancia.
Thank you so so much for your recommendation, and helping me through the entire booking process and answering all of my questions, and for your patience while I dealt with my finances and travel schedule.
This was without a doubt a trip of a lifetime. Fernando, Willy, Mariano, Martine, Nicolas, Lisandro, Corcha, and everyone at Estancia la Rosita made my horse riding dreams come true, and I had such a magical time. I hope to be back soon". AK (Canada) 

Jordan, Petra & Wadi Rum October 2023
Heading home now after an exhilarating and flawless adventure in Jordan. It exceeded all expectations. The group on the ground - both Hashem (& his incredible horses) and Zaman - were exceptional and every detail went off without a hitch. I cannot think of a better way to escape from the news around us than in this stunning oasis. The Jordanian people are so lovely and welcoming and the country is magical. I look forward to returning one day. FD (USA)

This is an awesome ride in an awesome country. Jordan is an incredibly beautiful country and is an oasis of calm in an area of increasing unrest. The people are friendly and helpful and despite the terrible things going on in neighboring countries we felt safe at all times.Hashem and his team go out of their way to look after and accommodate everyone and the horses are beautifully looked after. There are not many places you can gallop towards an uninterrupted horizon on good ground, on fast well behaved horses. And then camp out next to your horses after a simply delicious freshly made lunch and/or supper. It just doesn’t get any better! AH (Guernsey)

Romania August 2023
I was going to write to say the Romania trip was absolutely fabulous. We really enjoyed it and were very fortunate with a small fun group and an excellent young Hungarian guide with a good sense of humour and great English.  Transylvania is beautiful and that five day trek was the best consistent off-road riding I have ever had - stunning views, lots of variation with beautiful, shady forests, great picnic spots, shallow rivers to ride through, wild flowers and herds of farm animals being tended by shepherds and dogs. As I'd hoped, we got a fascinating insight into other cultures and eastern Europe and enjoyed the variation in accommodation from a touch of luxury at gorgeous Miklosvar to real village houses and traditional meals. Zalanpatak was also fab in a rustic way with its outdoor fireplace./ eating area, sun loungers, fields and comfortable rooms. We had a bit of education at the castle, village church and a couple of museums. It really was the perfect mixture...''

Georgia August 2023
''I had an incredible time! The ride pushed me to my limits and at times, beyond but I totally loved it. I was the least experenced rider on this trip, but Levan was very supportive and generous with advice when I was a little out of my depth.
Was there anything you should have known beforehand and were not told... No, the trip was well characterised in the description. It is a very challenging and exhilarating ride and it was described as such.
What in your opinion were the highlights... The horses are amazing, and the pace and length of the canters are extraordinary. I believe I came back a better rider! There was definitely a moment on the first day when I thought 'oh dear, am I going to be able to sustain this for 8 days?!' but Levan helped me along with advice when I struggled (downhill canter!) and after a few days I felt confident and secure. It was an unforgetable experience..''

Kenya Sosian mobile safari August 2023

''...just on the train home after a fantastic week at Sosian and the other camps.  It really was brilliant, and Megan was wonderful. I know she has told you about our sighting of the black leopard, which was very special, but yesterday we ended on another fantastic high with a great sighting of a cheetah on Sosian and then, at dusk a leopard. Earlier in the week we'd seen a newly born giraffe and a single hyena hunting a pregnant zebra, also an otter which hasn't been seen for a while ...Many thanks for arranging everything so well''

Georgia, June 2023
“Whatever you are looking for, Georgia has it and more - breathtaking canters through a riot of wildflowers in meadows framed by castle-capped peaks and endless blue sky, then flying through puddles and over ditches as thunder and lightning crash overhead and a wall of hail sweeps through the valley towards us. We arrive at a local family’s house for the evening and are treated to a shower with water warmed by a log burner, later tucking in to the best Georgian khachapuri (soft bread filled with molten cheese) that I have ever tasted, fresh from the oven.
We stop off at ancient settlements and monasteries, and a monk shares some honey with us produced from beehives only meters away, supplemented later with ripe mulberries that we pick from horseback - I could go on!
Levan and Achiko are brilliant guides and the team catered to every passing whim (somehow including champagne at breakfast and vanilla ice cream waiting for us at a remote campsite after a long, hot day in the saddle) - they must have had Aladdin’s lamp! I can’t recommend this trip enough; crossing beautiful country in good company on a horse I would trust to see me through a cavalry campaign, it is the perfect combination of adventure and cultural immersion.”

Botswana, Ride Botswana Okavango, May 2023
We just came back to Poland. I am completely happy with this ride.
I am delighted with how experienced guide David is. We felt completely safe with him on horses next to elephants, hipos etc.
Everything was organised perfectly and it is one of my best trip ever.
I started missing this place, ride and people while we were on the plane!
Also, I would like to thank you for all help with organising our trip, all messages, tips and reccomendations. I felt I was looked after perfectly.

Italy, Tuscany & Lazio, April 2023
India and I got back yesterday and wanted to say what a fabulous time we had riding with Duska.
The ride/route was fantastic. The hotels and food superb.
I was lucky enough to ride Duska's horse Danubio for most of the trip. All the horses were great.
Nothing was too much trouble. Cannot recommend this trip highly enough. 

Botswana, Macatoo, April 2023
I felt well informed but having never done anything like this before nothing could have prepared me for the sheer brilliance of the experience.

Colombia, Eje Cafetero, March 2023
My trip was fantastic. Hard to better it.
I haven't been back to Colombia in 30 years and was concerned my memory of the country and its people was a romantic rose tinted one.
But the trip confirmed all that I felt all those years ago. The country is unparalleled in its beauty and the people in their warmth and generosity.
Marc Noonan is the perfect host and guide. Rancho Sáman is a paradise.
What particularly stands out is his love of the country and its people.
But also the love of his horses. Those horses are loved and they know it. I couldn't have been happier with the responsiveness and character of mine - Manchado.
The food all along the way was exceptional. The range of accommodation impressive, varied and always comfortable. I always felt in a network of people and places that Marc has worked hard to cultivate. And wherever we went they loved him and we were made to feel like special guests.
I'll be recommending the trip to many people.