Tuesday 5th October 2021

Covid19 update

October 2021

With travel opening up, particularly for those fully vaccinated, and Foreign Office advice changing, things are looking more and more positive for future holidays.

There will still be some hoops to go through - but everything we have heard from those who managed to join one of our rides recently is that it is SO well worth the effort!
Going forward, you may need to arrange a Covid test around 72 hours before departure, or / and proof of Covid vaccination. You will also need to book a test package for arrival back in the UK. Quarantine restrictions continue to change but at present is only required if you travel to "red list" countries.

We know it is still an uncertain time for travel but we are very much OPEN for business and we are taking bookings for all our rides for 2021 and beyond. We have made some changes to booking terms to help you whilst the uncertainty remains - the following is a guide - please contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.

If you have a booking that has been postponed from 2020:
• We will already have been in touch with you and we will be in touch again before any further payment is due.

• For most trips scheduled to start before mid-June 2021, we are likely to postpone the date the balance is due from the usual 8 weeks to 4 weeks before travel. This will give us more time to monitor the travel situation before you are required to pay any more. Around 4 weeks before departure we should be in a good position to know whether your trip is likely to go. Please be assured that we will contact you in good time about this and the options available.

IF it looks probable that regional or national Covid restrictions will prevent you visiting the destination planned - or UK Foreign Office (‘FCDO’) advice against travel to that destination looks likely to remain in force at your travel date - you will be able to postpone your booking again to a later date. There will be no charge to do this (although the ride rate may change if you move to a different season). We will discuss new date options with you in consultation with the ride operator involved - and if you cannot decide on a future date, we will issue you a full credit which you can use to re-book at a future time. 

• We will not usually be in a position to make decisions about whether or not rides are likely to run until at least 4 weeks before the travel date. This is because - and it is important to keep in mind that - FCDO advisories are published to deal with current circumstances. They can be (and often are) lifted (or imposed) at very short notice. Therefore - as we learnt throughout 2020 - the fact there is an advisory in place before your travel date, does NOT mean there will be an advisory on that date. We will generally NOT make firm decisions about rides more than 4 weeks before the planned departure and when we do, we will do so with regard to the local situation, industry guidance, advice and options at the time.

• We realise of course that the feeling of being ‘in limbo’ can be incredibly frustrating BUT please be patient. If your long-awaited trip does have to be delayed again, please help support the operator of the ride you booked by postponing if you can. It will give you something to look forward to. However if there is a reason why deferring is absolutely impossible for you, let us know. We will do our best to offer you an alternative ride or we will refund you.

Cancelling more than 4 weeks ahead:
• If you want to cancel your holiday whilst it is still scheduled to run, cancellation charges will apply - although if you are concerned about travelling because of an issue connected with Covid, please talk to us as you may be able to postpone to a later date. We will look at each case individually, discussing with you and the ride operator concerned. We will be as flexible as possible.

If you are making a new booking for 2021 or beyond:
• For all new bookings, normal payment terms apply - a deposit (usually 20%) payable on booking and the balance due 8 weeks before you go.

• The payment schedule will be kept under review and IF as the 8 week balance payment date approaches, it looks as if Covid related travel restrictions might affect the running of the trip or your ability to travel, we may postpone the payment date to closer to departure. This will be to give us all more time to monitor the travel situation before you are required to pay any more. We will be in touch in good time to discuss this and any new payment schedule.

IF we are subsequently obliged to cancel your holiday because of Covid restrictions - or if Covid restrictions in place on the intended departure date prevent you travelling - your ride booking will either be postponed to a later date that suits you or, if you cannot commit to another date at that stage, you will get a full credit which you can use to re-book the ride at a future time (subject to any change in cost). To support the individual operator of the ride you booked, the credit will be to re-book with them - although if there are exceptional reasons why you will not be able to visit them in future, you may be able to use it for a different ride. We will determine this on a case-by-case basis.

• If we book your air tickets, airline terms will govern the credit and deferral options. All airlines have their own policies. If you book your own flights, the re-booking terms need to be checked with the airline.

• Insurance policies with Covid cover are now available and insurance with Covid cover must be taken out when you book so you can recover under your policy if you cannot travel due to illness (Covid or otherwise). Some policies also provide cover if you are required by the NHS track and trace app to quarantine.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need further guidance.