Testimonials ~ Africa

Botswana, African Horseback Safaris

"This was one of the most amazing experiences I have had. The horses are perfect and the stable manager Mod definitely fits the horse to the rider… I was extremely happy with my rides. Surpassed all my expectations" AC

“It simply surpassed all our expectations in every respect. The horses, the enthusiasm and professionalism of the guides and the management of the camp were outstanding. We were matched so well to our horses and have some fantastic memories of cantering next to zebra, encountering a leopard at close quarters and tactfully avoiding a herd of buffalo! If we had to pick highlights, then the unexpected champagne lunch in the tree house one day after riding and the evening game drives with their sundowners were right up there! The guides really do go out of their way to share their knowledge and give you the best possible experience. The levels of comfort and attention to detail at the camp were simply outstanding. The food was consistently excellent - it was all just perfect and we didn’t want to come home. It really was the experience of a lifetime! We just cant wait to come back!” SL (Monmouthshire)

"I felt well informed but having never done anything like this before nothing could have prepared me for the sheer brilliance of the experience". TW (Gloucestershire)

“Everything was a highlight. The camp was fabulous, the staff were excellent - very knowledgeable and friendly; the horses were super - they looked well and happy and we were able to change horses if one did not quite suit. We were so lucky to see such a variety of incredible game at close quarters, including families of wild dogs and hyenas. We witnessed an extraordinarily touching scene with two male lions, a female and two cubs and were thrilled to see a leopard on several occasions. We were one party that took over the whole camp and this worked brilliantly, everything ran smoothly and we all lost our hearts to the area, the animals and the experience. I would love to return.” AW (Devon)

“A truly memorable holiday which I would love to repeat!” DS (Somerset)

“We had a really great time and could not fault anything over the whole week and booking the whole place for our group is definitely worthwhile. Katie and the whole Macatoo team really looked after us and will be a very special holiday memory. I think we struck lucky with the amount of game we saw and hope some water arrives soon but looks unlikely .It will look a different place when the floods are there. Many Thanks for all your help.” NM (West Sussex)

 “The whole trip from start to finish was exquisite. Highlights include, being able to view so many animals due to the lack of water in the Delta. The remoteness and not seeing any other game viewers makes Macatoo a very special destination. Katie and all her staff were brilliant. Katie is a true professional and a delight to be around. A m a z i n g trip - thank you! We will definitely revisit!” SM (West Sussex).

“The trip was more amazing than I could have imagined. For me, the best bits were seeing the animals. We were very lucky to have such amazing game viewing. It was fantastic to be able to choose between the riding and the truck and it was worth not riding to spend an evening with a pride of lions including cubs!!! The food was also incredible and everyone incredibly friendly.
We joked that the only thing that could possibly improve the holiday was a massage after lunch! We were definitely joking though as I’m not sure there was anything to improve on. It was amazing! The whole thing was incredibly well thought out. We were looked after so well in every aspect! Thank you so much!!!” CM (West Sussex)

"Absolutely amazing time, first time I haven’t used comms for the duration of my holiday ever!!!! We loved every minute of it all, both very different but fantastic. Everything went perfectly which is amazing given the travel schedule, I expected on balance we would have some bad luck somewhere but we didn’t so well done and thank you. The management, people and experience at Macatoo was simply excellent, and none of us wanted to leave! Despite now back at the desk and lots in front of me I have completed the survey/questionnaire for you which is something I wouldn’t normally do, so a great sign in itself!! “Highlights of the trip” Being in comfort whist totally isolated. The attention to detail of the management in providing the experience of a lifetime. Amazed at the care, quality and management of the horses given the location. Enjoying the sunset and sunrise in such a paradise surrounded by animals, birds and reptiles of every description was simply amazing.” SM (North Yorkshire)

Perfect, unobtrusive service - nothing was too much trouble but with no fuss. Katie runs a very smooth operation. The camp is the perfect blend of comfort yet still feels wild, and the food was great. The riding was out of this world - my horses were perfect. Lunch in the trees and evening barbecue by the hippo pool were totally amazing. The wonderful company - we were very lucky with our group. It was quite simply, a perfect trip. For me, it was perfect. I loved my boys - the wonderful San - I love that horse! - and lovely Nxa Bega. Just keep doing what you do so well. This was a magical trip and one that I will remember forever. EM (Aberdeenshire).

What were the highlights of the trip? “Having no communication with the outside world for 7 days! The whole holiday having been in the pipe line for 18 months lived up to all expectations. So glad we filled the camp with friends and family to make it extra special. All staff in camp couldn’t of worked harder they were all amazing. When can I go back?” ATB (Somerset)

What were the highlights of the trip? “It was all very good but the surprise lunch venues were great and champagne with lunch was a real treat. A leopard walking through the camp at supper time was a really special moment. Every day had its own surprises and delights. The food was wonderful and the attention to every detail of the holiday was excellent. The “tents” were really comfortable and well appointed.”
JW (Somerset)

What were the highlights of the trip? “Where do you start, being charged by an elephant, frightened by buffalo, having coffee with lions, having an elephant walk through camp during supper, riding great horses through water, seeing all that wildlife, having great food at various destinations, I can go on and on as they were all highlights. All your staff were of the highest quality and I really enjoyed all their company.” RTB (Lincolnshire) 

“I don’t have enough praise for Katie and the team, it was a “bloody awesome” trip, so stylish - everything very, very good. Katie really is a class act, Bongwe is a very good guide and has an unbelievable sense of humour. Really can’t recommend it enough!” PG (Somerset)

"The moment we entered into the care of African Horseback Safaris everything ran with professionalism and attention to detail. Key highlights included:
1) The morning and evening rides: led by expert guides, with a small group following. We were fortunate enough to canter with giraffe through the delta, see large numbers of elephant and get close to a hippo wallowing in its own private pool.
2) The camp and facilities: Our tent was beautifully set-up, suitably secluded and overlooking the delta. Only the occasional elephant walking in front of the veranda reminded you that you were not totally alone.
3) The people: Katie, the camp manager is a fantastic and unflappable host, with a wry sense of humour and ability to make all feel welcome. The guides, especially Bongwe and Sekongo, are immensely passionate with that same sense of humour. It was evident that there was a great community amongst all the staff and this in turn fed a very warm and genuine atmosphere in camp. The whole trip was really something special. I can't wait to return!
Ride World Wide, in particular Louise who dealt with our booking, were fantastic agents. We received advice on what to bring, which flights would work best and answers to a multitude of other silly questions! I could not recommend more highly.
JW, Oxfordshire

"Zoe and I had an amazing time! The whole experience was fabulous from the horses (Zoe particularly liked Loxley and I, San), camp atmosphere, kindness of everyone at the camp itself, the 'nothing too much trouble' attitude. The riding was brilliant fun from the cantering alongside wild animals, splashing through water and the tranquility of the evening rides worked perfectly, and always feeling safe with the wonderful guides. The little 'surprises' along the way such as lunching out from time to time, sleeping in the treehouse and a candlelit supper one evening were superb! 
We will never forget our time at Macatoo camp... it was fantastic!!"

"Where to start! The atmosphere was great - fun, relaxed but very well organised and safe. Amazing location and game - like nowhere else I've ever been. Super horses, and well matched to people's ability. The people made it special - John and his team went to great lengths to ensure that everyone was happy and involved, and they were very flexible in accommodating the needs of different people. Sitting late round the camp fire, listening to the noises of the bush, and the elephants crashing around very near camp, was amazing!
I was very pleased with the service through RWW, who made everything very easy through initial enquiries, working to find suitable dates, and booking both the holiday and flights. Your service was always super-friendly and very fast and efficient."
EM (Aberdeenshire)

"I had a fabulous and amazing stay at Macatoo. Katie and her staff are lovely and go out their way to make sure you have evertything you need. My guides Sekongo and Gareth were outstanding and managed to make my wishes of cantering with Zebra or Giraffes come true. Not only did I get a canter with both species but the cream on the cake was Gareth managing two canters with wild buffallo. The fact that "George" apparrently preferred to sleep outside my tent most nights was another welcome surprise. Who can say their sleeping companion was a two ton Wild African Bull Elephant !!
The food was good as was the surprise lunches in all kinds of beautiful places in the bush.
This trip would definitely rate as a 'Trip of a Lifetime ".
I look forward to going back again".

“Amazing trip, super happy!!”
AvA (Holland)

Highlights of the trip: Being snarled at by a cheetah, herding wildebeest and the 3 boys taking ‘early baths’!; In general the highlights are the staff - particularly Bongwe who is something special; Seeing the excitement on the faces of the younger family.
CB-A & family (North Yorks)

"I really enjoyed riding my 4 different horses. Galloping through the water. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful - like the fact that they ate with us in the evenings. Amazing ‘surprises’ - lunch set out in a tree house. A table complete with candelabras set out by a lake as we rode home in the dusk, with pizza cooking in an oven in a termite mound!!
This is my 4th trip with RWW and each have been accurately described and perfectly organized. Thanks! "
JC (Lincs)

Highlights of the trip? Giraffes and running with Zebras. Also the variety of colourful birds.
Anything to improve the ride? No, they tried very hard to make camp life and riding/fishing as enjoyable as possible. A&F G (Glos)

Highlights of the trip: “ The surprises - sleeping in the treehouse under the stars, the surprise locations for lunches, Lucinda (Green) being a wonderful host - I feel very privileged to have met her”.
Anything we could do to improve the ride: “ Not really, I had the time of my life. Wonderful people and fantastic rides and experiences to treasure”. LJ (Kent)

‘’I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Macatoo - it really is the most fantastic place and such an amazing set-up. They really have thought of everything! The camp, the tents and most importantly the riding and horses are all absolutely wonderful. ‘’ CF

Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me organise my trip to Africa! I had the time of my life saw the big5 and much more from horseback! My favourite had to be the Okavango delta where we galloped with giraffes through the water! I saw and experienced so much I could of never imagined.
LW (Isle of Wight)

"The meals were generous as was the supply of alcohol. The horses we rode were well-schooled and steady. We had a wonderful time and thank you to everyone for making it such a good experience - including yourselves at Ride World Wide".
DS (Harrogate)

"Brilliant - can’t fault it!"

"Fabulous! I’ll definitely go back. Not as fast or wild as Tristan and Cindy in the Mara and more relaxed (more free time) but guides and horses all fabulous"
AS (Lincolnshire)

"We felt that a great deal of thought had been given to every detail of this trip and although relatively expensive, the degree of luxury justified the extra cost... riding was excellent, everything up to our expectations. A great holiday"
M & JT (Norfolk)

"Second time around for me. Everything was just as perfect as the first time. Don’t change a thing!"
BE (N Yorkshire)

"This holiday was without doubt the best holiday we have ever had and this was the feeling of other guests in the camp. Each of us had the perfect horses for our abilities and preferences – thoroughbreds for those who prefer them – Arabs for the girl who loved Arabs and all of them immaculately looked after, fit as fiddles and ready to go all the time. The tack was so comfortable and cleaned everyday. Basically we felt we had been treated like Kings and Queens all week. Thank you!!"
Mr & Mrs L (Surrey)

"We had a very exciting and happy holiday. Really exhilarating galloping through the water and we all returned safe and sound. We saw wonderful numbers of wild game and also lots of interesting birds (possibly 100 species!). Altogether a spectacular holiday."
VH (Hampshire)

"I couldn’t fault staff or experience; beautiful attention to details and such an impressive commitment to the ecology and beauty of the bush. Thoroughly professional."
MM (London)

"A truly exceptional trip in every way. The camp at Macatoo, the riding and all the staff were completely wonderful. The transport from Macatoo to Victoria Falls was a masterpiece of organization. Stanley Lodge was quite simply the loveliest hotel I have ever stayed in. The activities recommended by the hotel / lodge were all outstanding, especially swimming on the edge of the Falls. Thank you again for organizing, for my daughter and me, the trip of a lifetime."
VT (Surrey)

"It was the most incredible holiday I have had, exceeding all expectations. The assistance from RWW could not have been better. The guide and staff at the camp were superb. All fellow guests were great fun – either I was very lucky with my week or Macatoo attracts special people both to visit and as staff. Thank you for being part of my holiday"
KS (London)

"We had a fantastic time, all the staff were very friendly and helpful. Horses were excellent, keen and lots of long fast canters/gallops. Accommodation excellent. Will be back"
P & S H (Bedfordshire)

"I really couldn’t fault a thing. The staff were incredibly helpful and friendly and everything that could be done to make it a great and memorable visit was done."
JG (Berkshire)

"It was an absolutely amazing holiday and exceeded all expectations. There has been friendliness and professionalism from the start and through the holiday to the end. Nothing was too much trouble in Macatoo and we were looked after extremely well. Thank you"

Botswana, Okavango Horse Safaris

“Well what an amazing experience we've had, to us it was a fault less holiday, from the moment we landed at Maun to the return journey home from Livingston, what a shame to have to leave! The holidays draft itinerary, for the journeys was our little bible and was true to form, we were met by smiling local reps always punctual and helpful. Helicopter, planes, boats, mini buses, cars we had them predominantly to ourselves, how bespoke was that! What an outfit Barney runs, devoted to over 60 horses, knowing their names ages and breeding, training the grooms, horses, caring for their wellbeing, an incredible set up. Our guides were fantastic, with such knowledge and love for what they do, we saw so many incredible animals and got quite close, us observing them and them us. I still can't believe we saw and heard such wildlife. Elephants joining us in camp! There was no sense of time, it was wonderful not being around our modern world, no radio, tv, telephone, just the beautiful sounds of the Bush, heaven and everyone truly engaging without interruptions, amazing. Leaving camp was quite sad….” AS (Buckinghamshire)

“I had not realised before how different is a camp based safari, such as Okavango, compared to a moving safari such as Masai Mara. Both are great, but very different propositions in many aspects. I think such differences should be more highlighted and detailed in your brochures and web site”.
Highlights: The incredible number of elephants, including those roaming the camp at night, the birds, the thoroughbred horses, the endless explanations of the guides, swimming in the river during lunch break while moving between camps, sunsets in the bush with the champagne we had brought, watching the herd of horses crossing the river at camp, arriving to/from camp by helicopter”.
AW (France)

Highlights of the trip: Going to fly camp at Mok, ride / swim on horses across river; fishing trip,great food, charming staff and grooms; PJ and Barney’s warm hospitality and humour.
I’ve traveled a fair amount and to me it was a stand out holiday.
Would have liked to stay longer!
BB (Surrey)

Highlights of the trip: Riding bareback through water (swimming on horseback); close animal encounters; P J’s knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm; experiencing the Delta in such a ‘natural’ way; friendliness and helpfulness of all P J and Barney’s team.
C J (London)

HIghlights of the trip: Riding through the wild isolated country with unexpected opportunities anticipated at every turn.
It was such a brilliant experience that it is difficult to think of how to improve it. I took far too much luggage - the laundry service was excellent.
JA (Devon)

"The most amazing wonderful experience - loved every moment".
IP (London) Ride date

"A truly v. good best ever holiday"

"Best of any of the eleven week or longer trips I have been on. PJ and Barney have a superb operation. Wish the ride had been faster but that was impossible given the high water conditions"

"The level of organization and efficiency was incredible. There was absolutely nothing to find fault with"

"It was excellent in all respects"

"It was a fantastic holiday and lived up to every expectation. We should have gone for the 10 day option though as we lost half a day at the beginning due to the delay of another flight and half a day at the end due to Air Botswana changing the flight times – we felt we were leaving the party too soon!!"

"We were surprised at the depth of the water (apparently unusually high and abundant this year) but horses took it in their stride... It is all beautifully organized, varied and interesting. We had a lovely time – even the luggage checked straight through both ways with no problems. Many thanks for your help"
G & H H

"Absolute trip of a lifetime, totally wonderful"

"Okavango Horse Safaris are total professionals and our every need was catered for. It was all superb and I cannot think of any criticism, even small"

Botswana, RAW Motswiri

 “Galloping with herds of Zebra and giraffe and the information shared from our guide, Witness was excellent. The general wildlife viewing was prolific….” SH (Jersey)

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say a huge thank you for organising our trip to Botswana! We have returned to something approaching normal now, but wanted to let you know that we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The horses were lovely, and in wonderful nick! The staff were super, with our guides Ryder and Witness taking excellent care of us both, and Trev (as a non-rider) had plenty to do and didn't feel left out in the slightest which was our main worry! This was number one on my "bucket list" of places to go, and it didn't disappoint! Cantering through the water next to giraffes will live with me forever, and galloping with zebra, and being chased by an elephant!!" JP (Suffolk)

“It’s one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to and everything was absolutely perfect. I’d like to say something helpful and constructive, but there really is nothing that could be done to improve it for us - even the weather was perfect!” LW (Bucks)

“Motswiri was fabulous! Enjoyed every minute, and we felt 5 days was the perfect length of stay for us. The horses are very forward going, which is my type, but possibly less suitable for timid riders. Having said that my husband coped well, despite being less experienced, but he’s not timid.
The camp is really relaxed, food was spot on, just quality and nicely done rather than fussy. It was also nice to have the small pool to cool off in the afternoons. One of my favourite holidays ever!”
KC (Herts)

“If you are looking for a balance between riding and relaxation in Botswana then RAW Motswiri has a lot going for it. Being able to enjoy the landscape from both the saddle and the water adds an alternative dimension to the Delta. The horses are fantastic and very sure footed in the water, and Carmen runs one of the best equine operations I have experienced - very caring, and excellent at matching horse to rider. Her tack room is one of the tidiest I have ever seen in all my travels around the world, and her rapport with Johnno, the freelance guide, is a delight and very entertaining - they make a good double act - no pretensions, each just very good at their individual jobs. If you are looking for fun riding, with time to chill out, then this merits careful consideration. However, note that when I went (April) there was a significant absence of wildlife, and be sure to check that the fly camp is up and running (not the case when I went). Having said all this, I have some wonderful memories of cantering in sun drenched picturesque waters, stimulating conversations around the camp fire, and enjoying wonderful sundowners from the prow of boat whilst floating on mirror like water as the sun set for another day. RAW Motswiri is in a unique position; it is good, but it could be fantastic with further tweaks on the service, drinks and menu front”.
AC (London)

"We are now safely back from Botswana and would like to thank you, Nigel and all the RWW team for booking us a simply fabulous holiday. Words, and this e-mail are not really sufficient to do justice to the experience of living and riding around the Okavango delta and the Selinda spillway. Suffice it to say, all our travel arrangements went very smoothly, inspite of our natural anxieties of missing connections etc. Particularly enjoyed the flight from Maun to the Camp when we could see the huge expanse of the delta in all its glory.
Carmen, the horse-manager ran a very efficient,tight ship and we were very impressed by the care and quality of our steeds: all of whom gave us a forward-going, safe ride, in spite of one or two unscheduled appearances of very wild, and rather cross game. Gareth, our guide was an amazing font of knowledge and we hadn't realised what a terrific array of beautiful birds inhabit the delta. We saw around 100 different species of animals, two thirds of those were birds, fish eagles,rollers, storks, heron, and many many more beauties. We saw lots of elephant,buffalo, antelope, with sightings of giraffe,warthog,baboons,zebra,hippos. Highlights included following a large pack of wild dogs, after a kill. Seeing a herd of over 500 buffalo stampede across the spillway and of course seeing and hearing lion move into the area with their large teenage cubs looking for their next meal.
Fortunately, this did not include any of the riders! We always felt safe with our guides and trusted their judgement.
Of course, with all of this excitement, we needed plenty of comfort, food and drink which came in abundance, thanks to our hosts at the Motswiri camp. The staff and back-room team of cooks,cleaners,mechanics,barn boys made our stay an unforgettable experience. We particularly enjoyed the unexpected touches they arranged for us , such as the barbecue by the drinking hole, lunch al fresco in the bush and sun-downers along the route.
So all-in-all the whole holiday was splendid and completed without a single mozzie bite".
CR (Cheshire)

"Thank you so much for another ‘best holiday ever’. The variety of activities suited me very well - and it was from the boat that I was able to watch the laid-back lioness mum on the river bank. Her 3 cubs at approx. 6 weeks old were still spotty and scrambled all over her. And the day I sampled a walking safari, a stout stick was cut and smoothed for me - yet another example of individual attention. Individual preferences were well catered for in meals and drinks and the quality and freshness of the food was exemplary…. The bird life gave me different thrills every day… The horses were in MAGNIFICENT condition and also well schooled and responsive. Careful choice of pace and gentle care of individuals…meant that by the end of the week we were covering bigger distances at a brisk pace and I was able to enjoy the thrill of galloping at one with my horse, with attention to spare for my surroundings as well. Swimming and splashing through water of various depths was refreshing and fun !

Perhaps you should stress even more the flexibility and individual attention to riders and non-riders in your publicity; and that the food and comfort in the camp are exceptional. I am seriously considering a return visit next year, probably Sept / Oct to experience a different season in the paradise that is Motswiri."
DH (West Yorks)

Botswana, Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris

“It was all wonderful, super horses, excellent guides and amazing animal sightings.” GB (Essex)

"We all loved it, had a fantastic time, thank you." JP (Worcester)

“This was the holiday of a lifetime!” CB (Worcestershire)

"These horses were the best I have seen anywhere in Africa (probably anywhere). They were in excellent condition, fit, well schooled, honest and I can tell a huge amount of work goes into keeping them in such good condition in such a difficult climate. Cor and Louise are delightful, very knowledgeable and kind, and very passionate about their environment.
Many thanks as always!"
LF (N.Yorks)

“Another fantastic holiday with great riding, wildlife and scenery. Good quality very well schooled and responsive horses which were a pleasure to ride. Cor and Louise did a brilliant job of matching horses and riders.
The accommodation was excellent with the tents being spacious, beds very comfortable and food plentiful and delicious. The highlight of the trip for me was the campsite at Kgotla where we slept in the open in a lead wood enclosure under the stars. After another great day’s riding, delicious dinner, chat around the camp fire and then when in bed looking up at the stars and hearing the horses settle down for the night just the other side of the enclosure was magical. We went to some stunning locations for our ‘sundowners’. Cor, Louise, David and the camp staff do a very good job of making the safari enjoyable and I would not change a thing.” AK (W Sussex)

It was so much better than expected. We were very lucky with the late rains, very green and an amazing amount of game to be seen. Horses were beautifully schooled and Cor and Louise went to a great deal of trouble to match us up with the horses. Sundowners were exceptional - we were taken to wonderful viewpoints. Staff all brilliant and food exceptional. A marvellous holiday.
HM (Leics) Tuli Safari

I felt the riding and horses were of a far higher quality than I could possibly have hoped for! The riding itself was exhilarating and I felt the trip was amazing on all levels. DM (Northants) Tuli Safari

"Totally fab holiday - would recommend it to anyone! Great group of people and lovely horses". SM (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) 

"This was our first riding safari and so, although we have nothing to compare it to, it sets and incredibly high standard. We especially loved the organisation of each day riding the morning followed by lunch and a rest followed by evening game drives. We think Cor and Louise run the safari brilliantly. It was a real privilege to ride such beautiful and well-schooled horses, all with lovely soft mouths. In particular both horses I rode were fabulous at jumping… we thought the two guides West and David were unbelievably professional – we really felt we were in safe hands".
A&RT (London)

 "I was very impressed with the quality of the horses, which were very good hacks, nevertheless accepted contact with the hand and their rider in general. They are not race horses, but very good horses in such conditions... the safari was delightful."

"The ride for us was perfect in every way. A good balance of riding, excitement, relaxation, fun and lots of game. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this trip;. Louise takes a great pride in her horses and this is reflected in their performance and excellent condition. We particularly enjoyed sleeping under the stars in the leadwood stockade on nights three and four with the night sounds of Africa all around..."

"Probably one of the best trips ever. Horses in great condition and so well cared for. Food and accommodation great. Cor and Louise make wonderful hosts and their knowledge was invaluable. All their staff and helpers a credit, friendly and polite. Hope they don’t change anything"

"It was exactly as expected if not better... I will definitely be going again on the trip!"
LA & AW 

Botswana, Ride Botswana Kalahari

"The planning involved to ensure nine people from teenagers to olderagers step quietly in to a world, in to a country, in to an adventure that so utterly entrances, represents one of life's great skills. To a single voice our time in Botswana, amongst so much friendship and generosity of spirit, was and remains a beautiful experience.
Man, where to begin! … We laughed, we lived, we rode, we ate and drank, we laughed some more, sang, watched, listened and all the while we were quietly ushered in to an existence where the life of the landscape, the people, the birds, the animals, the nights and the days became one happy memory. From the Makgadikgadi to Macatoo our heartfelt thanks to everyone for giving us the opportunity to share in one of life's great happenings. In the midst of a Kalahari downpour or the exuberance of nine riders 'let out to pasture' the patience and professionalism was truly amazing.
And you don't go on a riding holiday without mentioning the horses … Naturally Tina, Etosha and Casa were the best but I've heard some riders suggest otherwise! All of them were superb and without doubt the star of the show was the one who sent a leopard on it's way with a none to gentle hoof to the ribs.
We loved it all! "
MC (Norfolk)

 "We have [just] come back from the most incredible trip to Botswana. A big part of the reason that we had such fun was that we went to the salt pans with David Foot… He was the most amazing guide ever and we had such fun with him - galloping across the salt pans in the moonlight is hard to beat after all!! We absolutely adored riding with him, though quite what he made of 8 middle aged rather loud English people I don't know, but he was a wonderful host".
CS (Hants)


Botswana, Ride Botswana Okavango

We just came back to Poland. I am completely happy with this ride.
I am delighted with how experienced guide David is. We felt completely safe with him on horses next to elephants, hipos etc.
Everything was organised perfectly and it is one of my best trip ever.
I started missing this place, ride and people while we were on the plane!
Also, I would like to thank you for all help with organising our trip, all messages, tips and reccomendations. I felt I was looked after perfectly. ER-B (Poland)

“I just wanted to let you know what an absolutely fantastic week we've just had in Botswana. David was amazing. So much knowledge, kindness and good humour. He made the week really special for us all." JB (Wiltshire)

"In short – we had just the most fantastic time. Unforgettable and wonderful." AB (Hants) 

Kenya, Sosian Lodge

"The overall atmosphere set by Simon, Rosie, Sean and Charlotte is that of being a welcome guest in a superbly run country house - I felt immediately at home. Highlights were riding perfectly schooled and suitable horses (especially Baggins); seeing a caracal, a leopard family in a tree, families of giraffe and elephant with young, and oryx swimming in the waterfall pool! The "honeymoon cottage", the FOOD!! - bush breakfasts and dinners. The wildlife even just in the grounds and gardens is varied and exciting - I enjoyed the rock hyrax in the dry-stone walls and the hornbills that haunt the swimming pool."
DH (Shetland)

"“All back now after a great holiday. Sosian was just as you said, really lovely. Simon and Rosie were brilliant, nothing was too much trouble. The ride went very well, Simon understood our pace and needs well and was most thoughtful. Wonderful sightings and beautiful landscape. So yes a fantastic time there. Suyian Soul, Anne's place, was also most lovely. What an incredible and wonderful lady, totally at peace with everything, a fount of knowledge which she was able to get across in such a simple and understandable way. It was helped by an incredible leopard siting, on foot!, which we were able to watch and photograph for 15 mins before it realised we were there! All in all Ride Worldwide delivered ! Again !” DY (Lincs)

Annabel and Steve and their staff were unbelievably hospitable – nothing was too much trouble. I’d knocked myself out riding 2 days before the holiday so could only amble around but the others went off at amore sensible pace and we were all looked after beautifully. The weather was unseasonally wet so thank you for telling us to take macs and jumpers - we so needed them! But still a great holiday!
AC (Wilts)

Kenya, Borana Lodge

"Wonderful from start to finish. Genuine hospitality from Flick and Sam, and their eager to please team. So much care and attention to detail, and the flexibility to do what you want. Horses are fun and hard working, be it traversing hills, or galloping away from protective matriarch elephant. There are so many areas to explore with breathtaking scenery that calms the senses. Every ride was brimming with elephant, unique Grevy's zebra and reticulated giraffe, amongst others. Everything combined to make this a very emotive riding experience. The only thing missing was a yellow bi-plane and the Out of Africa soundtrack, but I'm sure that could be arranged! Outstanding".
AC (London)

Just to let you know that I had a FANTASTIC time at Borana...
I was the only guest for the first 2 nights...Flick and Sam are just charming!!!...
The horse riding was fantastic!!!...cantering with zebras, lion in the bush, elephants at a water tank....(I'm pretty sure I passed the riding test!!!ha)
I would recommend Borana to everyone interested in great riding, hospitality and FUN!!...
SJ (Australia)

"We very much enjoyed our trip and riding - they were very child friendly and helpful. Lovely lodge and people. We would definitely go back".
CS (Suffolk)

 "A superb holiday passing all expectations"

"It was a great holiday (we would have loved to see lion but unpredictability is part of the adventure)"
PV and family

"You did not prepare us for how wonderful it would be! Our family had the most wonderful time and declared it the best holiday ever & impossible to beat! We loved Kenya, enjoyed Shompole and adored Borana and everything about it…Bimbi Dyer is a brilliant hostess, nothing is too much trouble and she remains enthusiastic and cheerful through the longest of working days & she and her team make sure each guest is totally spoiled & welcomed. We had a room with a view of elephant swimming ...we are going back"
Mrs H and family

"I can honestly say this was a holiday of a lifetime. Everything went smoothly and everyone was so friendly and helpful. The guides were great. Amazing knowledge and enthusiasm. They didn’t ram it down your throat, just made everything interesting and informative. I loved every minute of it. Borana was so luxurious, absolutely out of this world. Thank you so much for organizing my fantastic holiday"

 Kenya, Ol Donyo Wuas & Ride Kenya

Highlights of the trip: "Thoughtfulness of hosts; amazing service of the safari team; the varied and interesting habitats and getting close to game, Ol Donyo lodge welcome! excellent horses - pretty much everything!"
TA (Devon)

Patrick and Nicola were superb and absolutely made the trip. They were concerned and helpful without removing a sense of spontaneity and adventure.
RW (London)

"It really was perfect. Patrick and Nicola are delightful, knowledgeable and professional. Their staff are fantastic and nothing is too much trouble. Most of the time they were one step ahead of our needs! John and I were both blown away by Ride Kenya. The operation is outstanding and their commitment is phenomenal. The horses are beautifully schooled and in such good condition and remained so even at the end of the safari. Patrick and Nicola clearly love what they do, and their horses, and this shows".
J&FH (Berks)

"Ol Donyo Wuas was beautiful and the horses so well mannered and clearly very well handled by Nicola and Patrick".
SC (London)

"Super lodge and beautiful area to ride"
AC (Hants)

"…Nicola and Patrick, in particular, are just fantastic. The fly-camping was so much fun we think we would probably have rather spent and extra day out, rather than having the extra time at the lodge. But we weren’t to know at the time we booked whether our standard of riding would have been up to it".
TS (London)

 "The place, the environment, the guide give the ideal setting for one of the most beautiful riding safaris in Africa..."

"The wildness of Ol Donyo Wuas was breathtaking and the flexibility was remarkable. Our hosts Nicola and Patrick made ODW a very special place as did the staff"

"The holiday was wonderful, it was more than I had hoped for. The planning and booking of it by Ride World Wide was flawless - I had to do very little work myself and the hard work done by RWW was a great help to me. Patrick and Nicola are very good horse safari guides and they were great company – I’d highly recommend them. We had a great time from start to finish and I am now the most popular new husband in London – so thank you! Thank you especially for all the details you took care of – transfers, reps, looking after us, checking flights for me and so on. It was the holiday of a lifetime"

 Kenya, Offbeat Safaris

"It was as brilliant as ever. We were incredibly lucky with the game viewing. On the way to camp from the airstrip we saw a cheetah and two cubs, then when we got to camp and went to see the horses, there was a leopard sauntering past! Of course we saw all the other expected game over the week. Simon and Daisy were superb hosts, and the whole team as excellent and diligent as ever." (JC, Gloucestershire)

“Many thanks, we had the most amazing holiday. Offbeat are amazing. We travelled with a couple who had experienced over 10 trails rides in Africa, this trip was the second time they had done this ride as they rated it so highly. If you ever need a review or recommendation for this ride I will be happy to supply. Many thanks to all at RWW for getting us organised.” (NR, Wiltshire)

"Brilliantly organised from the UK by RWW, we travelled to Kenya to ride with Offbeat Safaris. The holiday of a life-time. Many thanks to the RWW team for organising" (NR, Wiltshire)

"How I got on.....it is hard to put in words!
I really had the best holiday of my life. It was such an intense experience being in the Mara for a whole week, sitting in the saddle all day long, sleeping (or not so much, actually) in a tent in the wilderness, listening to all the strange noises, riding all day long and seeing more game than I had ever hoped for. Joss and Megan were fabulous and fun guides, the food was amazing, the staff so caring and if there were not so many restrictions on importing horses from Africa to Europe I would have tried to take my horse home with me. His name was Genius and a true genius he was. Thank you so much for finding this trip for me and for organizing it so well. I am one truly very happy customer!" NW (Germany) 

“We had a fantastic time with a really great group of people - we all were the same ability riding wise and they were also game on and a real laugh. Game was just every where and I think that this is our best holiday yet. Horses were unbelievably well looked after and Megan was a star” PR (Oxon)

"Tristan gave us a very awesome and memorable experience and went above and beyond to entertain us. Horses and hospitality were terrific."  SV (London)

“We're just back from a wonderful safari with Offbeat. It would be impossible to exaggerate how much fun we had, and the excellence of the Offbeat team. Jakob, Daisy, and Nettie gave a wonderful time to everyone in our mixed-ability group, including our non-rider, and the horses were perfectly matched to ability. No one felt remotely left out (on the one hand) or held back. It was perfect! Jakob and Daisy were also excellent hosts when back in camp and they provided some memorable evenings. As for the camp team, no praise is high enough. The food was fantastic; and the smooth handling of the difficulties caused by the rain on the last couple of days was incredibly impressive. It was an absolutely fantastic holiday and lived up to every expectation.” JdC (Gloucestershire)

" we have had the most amazing holiday, it has proved to be a holiday of a lifetime, absolutely awesome. The whole team who looked after us were all so committed to ensuring we had an enjoyable time, nothing was too much trouble and the friendliness of all made us feel most comfortable. Netty, the Masai who assisted with the spotting was amazing and helped to ensure that we saw anything that was about within literally miles ! …Anna was so kind and helpful - again nothing was too much trouble, she was always first to jump up to offer extra tea, coffee or possibly something stronger and was a delight to talk with and chat too. She always appeared genuinely interested in us and of course has a great sense of humour always essential on trips like this. As for Mark Laurence, well it is difficult to find the words, so touched were we by his passion and feeling of the bush and the keenness to impart knowledge to us but never forcing anything . Except perhaps for an extra drink or portion of food !! His quiet and thoughtful style always seeking for the next thing to see or spot was invaluable. But also his clear and strong confidence in all that was around meant that we always felt so safe. He was always thinking of the next thing for us to do and see. Despite his all round and deep knowledge of the bush, Kenya and all that goes with it, he was always was genuinely interested to give answers to our questions, we felt confident to ask anything. On reflection we believe what we look for on a holiday like this is professionalism and sincerity, I am not always easy to please and perhaps sometimes can be picky but on this holiday for all the reasons described above, quite frankly , it was perfect ! Now trying to come down to earth in the real life! Please pass on to all those involved our sincere appreciation. This holiday will be a hard act to follow !!"
DY (Lincolnshire)

"Tristan has this all worked out: itinerary, camp arrangements, food brilliant, lots of drink, horses - everything. So knowledgeable and keen to share his enthusiasm. He’s first class. His daughter and also Sam were excellent assistants. The staff were great. Less lolling around siesta-ing than I expected but at least you could take your G & T on the game drives".
SG (Berkshire)

"The trip was amazing! The guides were great and filled with so much knowledge, the horses were lovely and perfect for each individual. The camps and staff were absolutely outstanding and the food was out of this world. It was beyond all expectations. It was a truly stunning experience with fantastic people and surroundings, a wonderful mix of fun, adventure relaxation!"
MR (South Africa)

"Kenya was THE trip of a lifetime! Hands down, we have never had as much on a holiday as on this one!"
CS (Barcelona)

"I had the most amazing trip. There was absolutely nothing to fault. The overall safari was so well run and set-up, it was such a pleasure to be a part of it. Everything from the hotel to Deloraine to each of the four camps was fantastic. The horses were amazing, the guides and grooms and staff were so professional and always ready to help and the camp set-up and food was out of this world. Far beyond any expectations I had!
Thank you!"
MR (Cape Town)

"An all action, no holds barred, riding safari. If you like your riding fast, over varied terrain from open grasslands to rocky, hole potted landscapes, as well as enjoying your animals up close and personal, then this is the ride for you. Multiple canters alongside wildebeest, forging rivers full of hippos, and close encounters with lions and elephant, this is a unique insight into Kenya and its plethora of wildlife, a trip you will never forget. It is true that Tristan takes no prisoners, so be prepared, but in return you will have the satisfaction of pushing your own limits and have some unbelievable memories to go home with, such as watching a leopard eat its kill in a tree just above you - I have the pictures to prove it! NB: not for the cautious".
AC (London)

"It was quite simply the holiday of a lifetime. Tristan is absolutely the BEST of guides and a born naturalist and horseman and brilliant company. An incredible attention to detail whilst always remaining relaxed. Poppy who was helping is a hugely delightful hostess and great company too. The camps were beautifully oraganised and comfortable and the food excellent. Cooks and house / tent boys and grooms all did a fantastic job…regardless of weather conditions.. and we had some very heavy rain.
We loved staying at the Aero Club East Africa on Sunday night. Hugely charming, full of character. Wilson airport is our favorite airport! The perfect place to stop over.. even better if they could have had a plate of sandwiches for our late arrival. Very welcoming drivers to meet us at the airports.. pick up/ drop down etc. Very efficient.
Am recommending Ride World Wide to everybody I meet!"
Mr & Mrs JA & family (London)

"I reiterate everything in Gillian's email about our holiday in Kenya. It was my first riding safari and it was absolutely amazing. It exceeded all my expectations and was the best holiday I've ever had and the experience of a lifetime. Jakob and Cesca are fantastic and all the people at camp (the grooms, cooks etc), ensured that everything went like clockwork. I just don't know how they do it and how they manage to cook such delicious meals. The riding was excellent and my old bones stood up to it very well - didn't even have to take any pain killers!
A big thank you to all of you for answering our many questions, replying so quickly and for oganising our flights. As Gillian said we shall be getting in touch with you again to organize the next one".
AK (Sussex)

This holiday was absolutely fantastic. Sue and I had a truly amazing time. Horses super, hospitality and guiding was terrific. The staff looked after us extremely well, even down to having our boots polished every day! We want to go again in 2011, assuming the 7 day trip is on offer. This is the ultimate riding safari!!
KC (Bucks)

It was a quite incredible, memorable, trip; it exceeded our expectations in every way. We saw lions make not one, but two kills; we got ourselves charged by an elephant; we saw a Nile Monitor, stupendous birds; bee-eaters and vultures and more storks than you could shake a stick at; Maasai characters from central casting . The highlight - being stalked whilst on horseback by a pair of hungry cats. We were soaked to the skin by torrents of rain. Thunder and lightning all around. …….three grumpy bachelor buffalo to the left, and two lions hunting in daylight, the lioness skulking through the bush to try to get in front of us whilst her mate began the direct approach………….. If anyone can tell me of a more viscerally exciting experience I should like to hear of it!
The horses were excellent, on the button, decent mouths, steady under fire and fit. Mine only ever spooked once, when we almost trod on a sleeping hyena.

The food was splendid, especially when it was served by staff with oilskins over their white coats, and wellies. Mark Lawrence, our guide, was first class - relaxed, knowledgeable, patient.
I have thought long and hard, and have managed to find not one, but two improvements that you might suggest to Tristan. Two small candles are insufficient to light a dinner table in a mess tent in a dark African night. You need at least four…..
So pleased I picked up your brochure at the Burghley Horse Trials! RC (Lincs)

"Safari was amazing. Saw leopard, lion and cheetah. On my last trip I didn’t see any cats. Also had opportunity to canter alongside 60 giraffe!! A truly unique experience. My horse was fabulous and took great care of me. This is the best way to see game in Africa – and Offbeat is clearly the best safari out there".
HR (London)

"Fantastic in every way…Tristan was a very patient and amazing guide, I like the way he pushed us…just a little bit of danger, with a mischievous grin!!
The most luxurious of all the camping trips I’ve done, the attention to detail is superb, but not so much as to take away the spirit of adventure". NS (London)

"Maybe (need) a bit more detail on just how luxurious it is – no need to take own nailbrushes and soap containers!! And that everything (laundry etc) is included in the price. This was without any shadow of a doubt the best riding holiday I’ve ever been on and worth every penny (and more). The military precision of the operation, the attention to the most minor details and the quality and comfort provided throughout was breathtaking. If you can only do one riding holiday in a lifetime this is the one to do".
KS (Devon)

"The staff couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating, Jakob was great, everything seemed to work perfectly. Starting with 2 days at Deloraine was ideal as it gave me a chance to get used to riding again and with just a couple of hours each day in a more normal environment ie not out in the open Mara, that worked well for me - going straight out on safari may have been a bit more scary".
LF (Switzerland)

  "Overall this was the trip of a lifetime and one we shall never forget. The horses were superb, the camp was outstanding and Tristan’s encyclopaedic knowledge and enormous enthusiasm were inexhaustible. He really gave 110% of himself and not a moment of time was wasted. Well up to every expectation we might have had. Thank you for your excellent and comprehensive advice, clothes list etc. All spot on!"

"For me the ride more than fulfilled my expectations – beautiful scenery & sky scapes & multitudes of wild animals in their natural setting. The camp life was enormous fun & we all seemed to get along very happily despite our differences. The lamping game drives in the evenings will be a long remembered experience"

"Tristan was amazing – we had the holiday of a lifetime. Giraffe Manor was perfect – thanks for sorting that. My husband who hasn’t been before, thought it was the best holiday he had ever had – well done and many thanks"
Mrs H & family

"Would it benefit you to know that it was the most unbelievable trip, that I don’t think could ever be repeated? It was fantastic, everything about it was perfect!"

"This was our best trip so far – Jacob was a superb guide, up for anything but always aware of the safety of his clients. His sense of direction (and humour!) coupled with boundless enthusiasm made every day thoroughly entertaining. We were very lucky as the Mara was teeming with game."
P & SR

"We can’t say enough good things about Tristan and Jakob and the great horses. Perhaps the best trip we have ever done, and we have done lots!!"

"It was the best holiday ever. Haven’t had so much fun in a long time. Every day was a different experience. The combination of riding and game drives was perfect – I didn’t want the trip to end"

"I didn’t know how great this was, people were so good to us all. I would recommend it to everyone I see"

"We had a wonderful time and all loved Jakob. All staff were excellent and meals too good (put on weight!!). Jakob’s personality and style will become legendary. Enjoyed immensely the freedom we had on the Mara. No complaints about anything"

"I found it more demanding than I expected but this is a good thing for me personally as it really did test me"

"I would love to add something but trust me this had to be the most amazing horse experience I have ever done or heard about. Thank you very much for making it real"

"...It was a great experience. Saw lots of game – jumped a wildebeest, almost stood on a lions tail, chased by elephant. What more could you want? ...Jakob, the guide, was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He had quite a diverse group but kept everyone included and happy. The best holiday of my life!"

 "The organisation from the start was really excellent - Kate and colleagues in the UK were very helpful on the phone and email in helping me make a decision about whether I could cope.....The 'staff' - everyone from Cindy, Jakob to the boys in camp cleaning boots, looking after the horses etc etc were very friendly & accessible, couldn't have been more accommodating."
LF (ride date October 2008)

‘’Very charismatic, a natural leader, would follow him anywhere……don’t tell him that big headed enough already!! Fantastic in every way…Tristan was a very patient and amazing guide, I liked the way he pushed us….just a little bit of danger, with a mischievous grin!! The most luxurious of all the camping trips I’ve done, the attention to detail is superb, but not so much as to take away the spirit of adventure’’
NS (Mara Ride 8/0109)

‘’This was without any shadow of a doubt the best riding holiday I’ve ever been on and worth every penny (and more). The military precision of the operation, the attention to the most minor details and the quality and comfort provided throughout was breathtaking. If you can only do one riding holiday in a lifetime this is the one to do. I’ve already planned to go back….’’

 South Africa, Horizon Adventures

What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? Swimming with the horses, trying Polocrosse, Bush breakfast, Jeep safari where we broke down and had an adventure, seeing the game from horseback was amazing, the garden at horizon was so peaceful and the most amazing views. My room was spectacularly positioned to see out across the lake. AW (Wiltshire)

" It was excellent - I would describe it as pure therapy. You want for nothing here - the staff and guides / volunteers are amazing" 

“Excellent riding, horses, staff, location 100% perfect. My second trip to Horizon again far exceeded my expectations, fabulous hosts and horses, definitely trip of a lifetime for any keen horsey person. Caters for all levels of riding, friendly staff, luxurious accommodation. I will definitely be going back again ! Very sad to leave Horizon!"
JF (Oxon) 

"It was brilliant! The best riding holiday I have been on so far. Totally flexible riding and a great assortment of horses. Fantastic hosts and guides". 
JE (Bristol)

"Overall a really impressive team at Horizon from being picked up at the airport to final goodbyes. We would love to go back one day and do the progressive safari.
Highlights of the trip: watching my girls play polocrosse - going flat out on strange ponies. Riding through a herd of zebra. Just being in the bush".
Mr & Mrs H & family (Surrey) 

This trip was the most memorable and best holiday I have ever had. I didn’t want to come home. The people, horses, food, accommodation were beyond my expectations and I will definitely be going back in the next 12 months so I’ll be in touch!
JF (Oxon) 

"I could not fault the holiday – Horizon was in a beautiful location and all the staff were friendly and very professional. Thank you for recommending it" 
VSvH (London) 

"This was one of the best holidays I have had. The staff and horses were absolutely fantastic and the food was amazing. Overall, the ranch was extremely well run and everything was done to make the whole experience incredibly memorable". 
KC (London) 

"Just to say how much we enjoyed our few days at Horizon. Shane and Laura made us feel very welcome and, as you suggested, the match for our family was perfect. All the staff were professional and kind and the horses were in great shape. We had so much fun – my teenagers particularly enjoyed the western games and polocrosse whilst my husband and I loved the peaceful rides though lovely open countryside. I would thoroughly recommend Horizon to your other adventurers"
VK and family

"...Really good that clients were split into small groups for the rides. Guides were excellent at telling us about local flora and fauna"

"Just a note to say thank you for organising our fantastic holiday in South Africa. Everything at Horizon was perfect and I can well understand why people return over and over again. We rode a number of different horses and liked them all, although we had to admit to favourites by the end of the week. Polocrosse was a challenge, Western games were fun and the cattle mustering needed perseverance to find the cattle to muster. However the highlight as far as we were concerned was riding in the game reserves at Horizon and Born Wild with giraffe, zebra, impala and wildebeest only a few yards away. Being on horseback made us feel we were part of their environment rather than just observers – a fantastic feeling. Everyone at Horizon made us very welcome and the group we were with were great fun. Thanks to the guides Shelley, Carmen and Pete and a special thank you to Shane for demonstrating his approach to horsemanship. Laura was great, nothing was too much trouble and we must have put on a stone thanks to Mimi and Carolyn’s cooking."
M & ES 

"My time at Horizon was fantastic... and even though I had not ridden for 10 years got back into it and really enjoyed it. Once in a lifetime experience"

"It was the most fantastic, relaxed holiday ever and we’d love to go again"

"A lovely place, the hosts, staff and horses were all wonderful. I will be going back as soon as I can"
S mcC 

South Africa & Botswana - Saddlebag Safaris

“We had THE MOST AMAZING ride!!! The whole holiday was just fantastic. David, our guide in Botswana was excellent, he was very careful and guarded. I always felt safe with him even when he told us a bill elephant had been into our camp while we were out!!!
The food throughout the holiday was fantastic. They catered really well for all our dietary requirements…
And last but not least, my horses!!! Well what can I say: I was PERFECTLY matched up especially in Botswana!!!!! I cannot recommend this holiday enough!!!” CB (Suffolk)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the holiday – it was really very good indeed. The horses were great, all the staff really looked after us (we were very well guided, fed and ‘watered’) and my fellow ‘holiday makers’ were also great fun. I earlier completed a feedback form for Lindy for the Limpopo Horse Safaris part of the trip, however, I would also like to compliment in particular our Horizon guides, ‘Ishveer’ and ‘Deon’ (I am not sure of the correct name spellings) who played a significant role in making the holiday so good - it was like riding out with a couple of interesting friends (in fact I would go as far to say that Deon was probably one of the most interesting people I have ever met). But please do pass on my thanks to all the staff (including the transport drivers) for making the holiday an exceptional trip.”
JM, (Sussex)

" Having just returned from the African Explorer trip I can hardly put into words how wonderful our time spent in Botswana was. After a nervous start with a riding test (very relaxed really) we were paired up perfectly with our horses (thank you Louise). They looked after us for the duration like dreams, fit, forward going, soft mouths and obviously cared for with lots of love. Immediately we rode off to our camp to be confronted with 50 or so elephant, an amazing, heart thumping, experience. Our guide, David and back up, Mpoh were both great. Knowledgeable and very humorous whilst at the same time safely looking after every rider and especially our nerves around the elephants!!
The accommodation was more than comfortable with running water and warm showers along with all the little extras including a wide eyed mouse and vervet monkeys! We never went hungry and thank Mighty and the team for the food and also an amazing massage.
I can't begin to list all the wildlife we saw over the 3 days, the jaw dropping sundowners and the outstanding scenery. Only to say that we will be back again to see the cats (no pressure David)!!"
SM (Devon)

‘Thank you for all your help and advice in organising this trip. The information and packing lists were extremely useful and accurate. .. I cannot praise highly enough the staff and facilities at both Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris and Dinaka Lodge. The holiday of a lifetime!’ 
SD (Beds) 

"The horses in Botswana were superb…West and Impho were excellent guides …Louise and her team are quite something - a wonderful introduction to Botswana. Carmen (at Dinaka) loves her horses and runs everything very professionally – great game sighting too. A great trip". 
LL (London)

"..it was all fabulous! Just like to say a big thank you to our guides, grooms, back up staff, cooks and horses for making the holiday so fantastic and memorable. I’m busy starting to save up so I can go out again!" 
CG-C (Hants) 

"Having been to Macatoo in Botswana last year we were not expecting to enjoy this holiday as much – we thought nothing could compare to Macatoo. However we both agreed at the end of the holiday that it had been even better! The combination of two safaris with such different landscapes was fantastic. At Dinaka we saw masses of game and had a great time and were thinking that Fort Jameson couldn’t be as good! Again we were surprised as we enjoyed it there even more! Despite not seeing as much game there it was a wilder experience and the staff there and the horses really made our holiday – thank you!"
C & P L

"This was the best holiday I’ve ever had, maybe it could be made clearer how fast the pace is in Dinaka though"

"Hosts, guides and staff at both sites and from Waterberg transfers were extremely welcoming, friendly and helpful. The horses were beautifully trained and matched to riders very well…I was extremely impressed with my experiences at both Dinaka and LVHS and would definitely return. Very well done and many thanks to all concerned!"

"Great holiday, great people and great horses. Would recommend this holiday"
S mcM

"This trip was going to be a ‘holiday of a lifetime’ type of holiday for me and it definitely lived up to expectations. It was all that I’d hoped and more. Overall the service was fantastic and I was particularly impressed by the level of horsemanship and care of horses in both places..."

"This was a holiday I would recommend to anyone. My husband and I have different levels of riding experience an dboth were catered for. The horses were fantastic, the wildlife was superb and the guides (Carmen and Dean) were out of this world.
I also think that the lodge itself is undersold in the brochure. We had a group of 5 and exclusive use of the lodge and park. I hadn’t realised this at the time of booking but it makes you feel very special." 
MM (Lincs) 

"Everything about the holiday was wonderful. All the correspondence prior to departure was handled efficiently and accurately and the place was more beautiful in reality. The riding was as described and the quality of both horses and guides excellent. I would certainly book another holiday although this would be hard to beat!"

"I can’t fault this holiday at all. The pre-holiday communication was excellent and friendly; the pick ups were smooth; the lodge was beautiful and well run in a casual, relaxed way; the guides were knowledgeable and helpful and passionate about their jobs; the horses were fantastic with characters to suit anyone and the riding was just exhilarating. I thought I might be disappointed not to be in a reserve with elephants and cats but in fact it was fine and just took that extra element of risk away. Thank you"

"Saskia and Kobus were excellent guides and superb hosts, their knowledge and dedication were outstanding. In summary, a wonderful holiday, definitely repeatable. Never replace Saskia and Kobus!!"

South Africa, Ants Nest and Ants Hill

We are back from our wonderful trip!! Everything was great; the weather, horses, company, food, guides, wildlife. Such a special week!
KB (London)

Highlights of the trip? Flexibility of the rides and the guides. They were able to ensure I could ride at a good pace on my own with the guides, rather than be with family groups / children etc. They manage individual guest needs exceptionally well. Fantastic as always. I will be back again next year hopefully. SW (Cambridgeshire)

“I had an absolutely fabulous time at Ants Nest as always – simply can’t fault it! Being able to ride out with Ant two days running and also being able to see an Eland capture was a highlight of the trip.” SW (Cambridgeshire)

“The experience at Ant's Hill and Ant's Nest is simply amazing and wonderful, we are 100% satisfied. It was great. Thanks as well for the assistance and great customer service provided by all the staff of Ride World Wide which I have been in contact with. Your service has been excellent as well. Words cannot express how beautiful the place is. My boyfriend and I spent a week at Ant's Nest and I really disconnected from the world, it was like heaven on earth. It's like being Queens and Kings because every guest is served and revered, but at the same time you feel at ease and comfortable as if you were at home. Never ever experienced a great services such as the one at Ant's.”
EG (Luxembourg)

“Feeding/watching the rhinos at Ant’s house, views of both beautiful scenery and lots of wildlife, delicious meals and interesting rotating dining partners, relaxing atmosphere with flexible timings for activities.
Excellent staff with high service level and a very obvious desire to ensure I had a lovely stay across all fronts (meals, comfort, rooms, activities, etc). This literally applies to every single staff member….It was a real treat to meet Ant and ride with him on the last day. Great fellow, & doing great things to save the Rhinos, really enjoyed the ride and the conversations following at lunch.
Loved the relaxed atmosphere at Ant’s Nest and also had a tour of Ant’s Hill which would be lovely for times when I might be traveling with my husband”. CS (USA)

“ We had a great trip to Ant's. I haven't completed the feedback form as such because we really would rate every aspect as excellent currently and it is hard to think of anything that could be improved! It was a lovely contrast to see the bush in South African summer; although it has been very dry there lately, it looked quite different to our last trip in their winter 18 months ago. The riding, horses and other activities were great, with the flexibility a stay at Ant's is known for. And of course the staff really make it special, absolutely everyone from the cooking and cleaning staff to guides, managers, and Ant and Tessa themselves, went out of their way to welcome us and make the week a pleasure. Unfortunately the week went by too quickly and I was rather at a loss when I had to look after myself again on returning home :) We are actually already planning another trip……”
Mr & Mrs H (Cumbria)

"We had a wonderful time and the children thought it was amazing. All the staff were absolutely charming especially Kayt, Penny and Chase. We were surprised at the landscape for riding and lack of game but still had a fabulous time. They catered really well for all our riding levels and were brilliant with the children". 
H&R A (Hants)

"What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? "So many! I think mainly the atmosphere and level of fun and friendliness of the Ant’s team! The lodge, food (quality and quantity) etc are all fab as you know but it’s not just that – the horses are a massive highlight but the exceptional part is really the way the thing is organised and the attitude of the staff. They really want to include you in everything, have a good time and are generally happy and nice people with genuine enthusiasm for what they are doing. Credit to Ant and Tessa for creating such a happy family of people – it really shows and rubs off on everyone there!
The charging around after wild animals and general craziness were a highlight for me too!
Such a great trip – and all thanks to you guys that I discovered Ant’s last year and so heard about this game week! Thanks! I’d fully recommend it to people who love an adventure and excitement – the week was so full of highlights and new and amazing experiences that I am still buzzing from it now!" 
SN (London) 

"Fantastic trip. From Tessa and Ant, through all staff we were made welcome and treated as ‘special’. Riding exceeded our hopes and the whole week was memorable". 
Mr & Mrs C (Isle of Man) 

"The most fantastic holiday I have ever been on. The only fault with it was that I had to come home!"
JH (London) 

It was a lovely holiday. Lovely people and place. Children really want to return!
AT (Lincolnshire) 

The week I spent at Ants Nest was wonderful. The place was gorgeous. Food was amazing all local home cooked meals. The staff were incredibly courteous forever offering drinks etc. I am not used to ‘group’holidays, generally travelling alone with guides however the other guests were fine and we all got along well. However Ant had arranged for a journalist to come along. This guy rather took over the holiday ..…apart from that the whole week was quite amazing and the staff and Ant very accommodating. 
SA (Somerset) 

"As the advert says, it really does what it says on the tin!! Brochure really shows it as it is – BRILLIANT. We have nothing but praise for the staff/accommodation and catering – we had the most fantastic holiday and feel priviledged to have had the experiences we did and share it with our wonderful guides/hosts". 
I&JD (Llanelli) 

"Perfect (for me) mixture of riding and relaxation". 
KL (London) 

"It was well run, friendly and a pleasure to stay there". 
LM (Swindon) 

"This was a truly fantastic holiday with genuine hospitality not experienced anywhere else. It was natural and real - not put on for show. Very special place with very special people"

"This was a fantastic holiday. It worked better than I had anticipated for the level of riding as I’m an experienced rider and my partner only learnt to ride 6 weeks before we set off! The guides were excellent and helped him improve in skill and confidence more than we expected so we both really enjoyed the riding. The small group was also great in these circumstances as it meant that we could be flexible about speed and distance. I couldn’t recommend Ants Hill and Ants Nest highly enough, everything about the holiday was great..."

"We felt this ride worked well – as advertised a family relaxing and very enjoyable holiday- we would go back to Ants Hill again and be happy to recommend it and its wonderful staff and horses... we agreed with the comments [re: the situation / position of Ants Hill] for our 2 year old but found it manageable and were glad to be on the hill for its lovely views and peaceful atmosphere."
Mr & Mrs S 

"Overall an excellent itinerary with a lot of thought into filling the day – especially for non-riders"
Mr & Mrs B 

"We had a wonderful trip again. Ants Nest was fabulous. We loved the riding (horses always very good) and the game. As usual the connections, back up and arrangements were all reliable and efficient. Everything was of a very high standard"
L & CF

"We had a terrific holiday – the people at Ants Nest were friendly, trustworthy and excellent with all of our children; without exception all four described it as their best ever holiday. If anything I was surprised by how much game we saw and how easily it could be seen"
IW and family 

"Absolutely fabulous – it really suited a holiday of a lifetime and probably the only holiday you could take 2 teenagers and still have fun. Wonderful!"

"Excellent trip. All preparations were great from RWW. We have used other riding holiday organizations but RWW were far superior"

South Africa, Wait-A-Little

"This was the most amazing trip, and one that I will never forget. I was pleased that I really was an experienced rider, as you really needed to be competent and fit. The experience totally surpassed any expectations that I had, and the hosts were excellent in every way. The horses were beautifully presented and cared for, sometimes a bit on the forehand which was unnerving as we had to ride nose to tail, but they were all schooled and would respond if you tried to draw them into an outline (although we were told to give them free reins)". 
PB (Derbyshire)

"Food at Philip and Gertie’s was outstanding and all eating together cemented relationships making for a good atmosphere.
Keep this up - we hope to holiday with Ride World Wide again if the standard and experience Philip and Gertie provides is replicated elsewhere". 
R&T G (Bury St Edmunds) 

"Hats off to all we cannot find anything negative to say
- Ride World Wide for great professionalism, knowledge, organization skills and the patience to help us 'customize the trip'
- Naledi ...Top class game drives and walks. Great food and accommodation.... The perfect place to start the trip
- Wait a Little Big 5 Horse Riding Safari ....We went with no expectations, only hopes and were not disappointed for a second. Believe us nothing can prepare one for 'Close Encounters of a Lion Kind!'
Only complaints are that it's over and the food was far too good for us to have lost an ounce!
We are privileged to have been able to indulge our riding and travel passion over the last 10 years, each trip is different and we don't regret any of them. The horses have always been very special and the real stars of the show. We consider that we have had 'A Fortunate Life'. This trip has brought no disappointments and has just emphasized that thought."
CG & AG (Belgium) 

"It’s excellent. I had an amazing time and thoroughly recommend it. The accommodation, food hospitality and, of course, horses are all great"

"Philip and Gerti are the perfect hosts – the atmosphere was always fun, friendly and I have never seen such happy horses! Nothing is too much trouble for them and as a result after the 7 days you spend with them you really feel like you are leaving friends! The standard of food and accommodation is excellent. Philip is an amazing guide and gets you really close to the animals"

"Food, horses, guide / hosts, accommodation all of highest quality…[Philip & Gerti] have got the balance absolutely right and have created an absolutely wonderful experience for their guests"

"This is an exceptional holiday – a holiday of a lifetime experience. Truly professionally run and delivered. They have a stock of very well looked after horses and tack is in excellent condition and cleaned after every ride! It is for advanced riders. You are required to be in full control at full canter weaving right and left through thorn bushes. You need a good balance and excellent seat."

"I had a great holiday. In terms of safaris it was very different experience to Botswana [Okavango] and Kenya [Offbeat Mara]. Because of the fences there wasn’t the same sense of remoteness - this is just fyi and I still had a great time! Philip and Gerti’s horses were lovely – the best we’ve had. The schooling they get makes a big difference. They and their staff were excellent - I was particularly impressed with Kirstin whose empathy with the horses and environment was a pleasure to see. She and P & G were also very informed about the politics, plants and birds which adds to the whole experience"

Morocco - Camping Adventure Rides

"Rena's horses are just incredible, true athletes who take everything in their stride. I rode one of the stallions Rannauq for most of the ride. He was amazing, so easy to ride and handle. His brother was similarly a pleasure to ride. I even felt confident enough to try one of the feistier mares for a day! The riding was amazing, so many wonderful canters and gallops and the most beautiful landscapes. We experienced a sandstorm on one of the days which was an extraordinary experience. The distances covered were impressive, and I came away from it feeling like I had really achieved something as a rider. The camping was great, and it was lovely to just travel from camp to camp each day. Rena is a fantastic host and guide, she really runs a very smooth operation and the logistics involved in ensuring this are quite impressive". LG (Ireland)

Golden Sands, Agadir and Atlantic Ride - “It is rough and ready especially the camping, which I was informed of prior to the trip. It was completely liberating. So I think improving things would not improve, it would be detrimental.” TH (Cornwall)

Golden Sands, Agadir and Atlantic Ride - "“I have submitted the questionnaire. I just wanted to send you an email as well to let you know how happy I am with this ride! Rena is a wonderful horsewoman, her horses are fit and willing (I wanted to take home mine so badly) and - as you know as you've been there - the gallops are such good fun. I am so glad I got a last minute place! I am already planning my next ride with you guys, so you'll hear from me soon. Any easy way to take the horses home with us?? ;-) Best holiday ever, I will surely book again with you!” IB (Switzerland)

Tata Akka Ride - “We had a lovely time in Morocco, Rena was fantastic as were her horses and staff (and dogs). We had a great group of people on the ride and the weather out in the desert was perfect for camping. I had prepared well for rain but very pleased I didn't have to use any wet weather gear. Might try one of Rena's other rides next year.” JP (Middlesex) 

Middle Atlas Ride - “The horses and scenery were both wonderful, and the horses all catered to different riding styles and skill sets, which was nice. Rena was an amazing guide. It was also great to have some of her students along; they definitely enriched our experience. It was a great trip, and Rena was always very approachable and actively asking how she could make things even better or if there was anything
else she could get us, etc. It was an awesome trip - thanks for all of your work with the booking process. I felt very prepared, and I really appreciated your helpfulness and flexibility. Rena was also awesome; she constantly volunteered to help out with things and to give us advice. She definitely went well above and beyond what was in her job description in order to make us have an amazing trip.” ND (USA)

Royal Cities Ride - “The trip was magnificent in every way. The entire set up and simplicity / primitiveness was perfect! The route that Rena chose was excellent providing variety and a constantly changing scenery which was a feast for the eyes and senses. The camp locations were stunning and all the idiosyncrasies of the Moroccan way of life included - had it been too “perfect” this wouldn’t have been the case so I was thrilled about that. It felt authentic and genuine and a world away from home - it was hard to believe it was only a 3 hour flight away. The horses are the main point of this trip and sleeping next to them in camp made it all the more special. We spent one night in a riad in Fes mid-way which was excellent (although I missed the horses and the camp). All in all brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again!” EB (London)

Royal Cities Ride - “I had a wonderful time! Highlights were: Camping, wonderful horses and being in the great outdoors! Rena was a wonderful guide and horsewoman. A great week!” LJ (London)

Royal Cities Ride - “I had a wonderful time - it was excellent!! Thank you all and Ruth and Nigel for all their help with my last minute booking.” EB (London)

Tafilalelt Ride - “Wow Wow Wow. What a trip. Absolutely spectacular. Wish I could be back riding across the plains with Rena right now. It was beyond my expectations - I wish I was back there now. I look forward to going back. Thanks again for all your help Rosie.” (MT,London) 

Across Morocco Ride - “This is not a riding holiday, it's an Oddysey! Rena is incredible, the soul of a general. So far we've got to Zagora and luxury after 250 kilometres of hard riding and fine feasting, yes, I did say fine feasting. Ghislane our cook, another redoubtable lady conjures the most amazing meals from the back of the lorry, to say nothing of hot enough water to wash in. All the horses show great heart and spirit, the black mare Rivella that I've ridden for the last two days is a heroine, she goes like the wind. It is a magnificent landscape, pitiless, it's beauty and ugliness is beyond description and some of the Great Plains we ride across are as wide as desolation. I sleep outside my tent and wake when the sky turns purple before dawn, the sun rises fast, spreading the sky and sand with colour, quick as the splash from a painter's brush.” FG (Gloucestershire)

"Thank you Ride World Wide for yet another stunning adventure a wonderful insight into Morocco after 6 days riding in 35 degrees heat, some days 6 hrs in the saddle proving a real endurance test for horses and riders. Such an incredible country, great company as always a wonderful experience and great testament to Rena and her beautiful horses. Shukraan everyone...." CH (Hampshire)

“Chrissy and I had the most wonderful trip in Morocco, all went smoothly , and I LOVED it all, I wasn't expecting to get quite such a move on with the horses , Rena certainly didn't hold back, which was amazing , and it's really wonderful riding country , lots of lovely soft going for the horses for miles and miles !! Although very hot at times there always seemed to be quite a strong breeze .. Rena was utterly fantastic and looked after us so well, and it was great to see some interesting sights too and Fez is a fun place to visit. Thank you all at Ride World Wide for a really wonderful trip I'm on a complete high!” AB (Northumberland)

What in your opinion were the highights of the trip? “The wild flowers; friendly villagers waving and saying, ‘Bonjour, ca va?’; paddling in the sea on the Thursday lunchtime; riding on the beach; the souk in Agadir. Lovely group of people; brilliant cook in the camp, lovely lady. Rena’s friendly dogs and pups, comedy show in camp. The ‘baby horse’ who came loose on some rides - riding comedy show!” SU (Sussex)

“We had a fantastic time, Rena could not have been kinder to us or the horses, the route was fab, loads of cantering and different terrain interesting, too, to have an afternoon in Tiznit. It is the best holiday I have had for ages.” SF (Sussex)

What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? “Getting to know Rena, her horses and staff. Sharing this passion and joy for horses and riding with nice people from other countries. Riding marvellous, happy horses, they were so willing to gogogo. Endless fields of flowers and bushes for long and fast canters. And of course the long beach-ride was really something, so many kilometers empty beaches, ideal for horse-riding. Amazing! Camping was quite basic. First camping-night we got heavy rain. Those tents are not the best for rain, but very soon Rena and boys came to cover all tents by big plastics. They really took good care of us, all the time. It was very nice there were three hotel-nights. Renas normal shower-system was not in use. Broken? Our “shower” was in a horse-trailer. :D Our normal life is so easy, sometimes it is just good to try how much you really need. I was quite proud I could wash myself and even my hair with very small amount of warm water in a horse-trailer. We really enjoyed hot showers in hotels, in Tiznit and Agadir! I thank you all at RWW, it was worth of going to wonderful Morocco! ER (Finland)

“The highlights of the trip? The variety of landscape and terrain on this itinerary, and seeing the effects on the landscape (and housing) of the flash floods they had in this area recently.
The ‘frog chorus’ at the Lake camp on the 4th night. The camel meat dish at the Christmas Day camp was very tasty and tender, as was the Moroccan lamb dish on the first camp night. Excellent beach canters/gallops.
Willing and hardworking ‘endurance style’ horses (fairly small).” JL (Cheshire)

“I really enjoyed the this ride - the pace was pretty fast for the most part, with just a couple of slow days over some areas of very stoney ground, but otherwise lots of long canters and great variation in scenery too. Rena canters at every opportunity - which is just my cup of tea! It was a great Christmas holiday!” RT (Wembley)

"Absolutely fantastic trip – we had the time of our lives! Rena is the most amazing guide and wonderful person and it was even more fun than last time. Everything was great except possibly the hotel at each end which was pretty shoddy, but it did not really matter as the rest of it was such fun"
SM (London)

"This is an adventurous holiday with lots of time on horseback and lots of cantering and galloping under the safe supervision of Rena. Rena is a delightful person….a clear and confident leader.. (who) created an environment where we felt safe and secure and challenging at the same time. Rena combines good leadership with enough ‘hands off’ to make the experience ours."
AD (London)

"I'm just writing to give feedback on the golden sands, agadir & atlantic ride in morocco: this was a fabulous experience. rena is a great leader/guide, the riding was varied and interesting - and always fun, and the horses are unbelievable - unfatiguable, always willing and responsive, and beautifully behaved. rena's backup staff (cook, grooms) etc were terrific; very keen to help, very friendly, and the food was tremendous. even the camping experience, which was alien to me (the last time i went camping was probably 35 yrs ago), was most enjoyable - albeit, having a thicker mattress (or 2 thin ones) would have made sleeping easier (note: this is the only aspect of the entire treck that i feel could be improved - i wouldn't change anything else!). 
hopefully this feedback is of use; but in summary, i'd recommend this trip (and presumably, rena's other moroccan trecks) very enthusiastically - it was great." 
AL (Wales) 

" The vast expanses of riding country towards the Rif Mountains. Riding through small villages and seeing how people live and farm their land. The trip to the local market, when we tied our horses in the donkey park and went shopping. The souk in Fes, visits to the tanneries, carpet weaving business etc. and the Riad.
Rena was outstanding – tireless in her attention to our needs, balancing individual requests against the requirements of the group overall and checking that riders were happy with all arrangements.
She impressed us all with her horsemanship, leadership and attention to detail, she was “on the job” 24/7. After a long, hard day in the saddle, she would join us for dinner. When we were in the cities of Fex and Meknes, Rena transformed herself into an energetic and attentive city guide and made sure that our sightseeing trips were both enjoyable and well planned" 
JS (Herts) 

“Rena was the most wonderful guide. She was friendly, approachable, good humoured and very professional. We will definitely go back to Morocco with her / you! The ride was fun, fast and thoroughly enjoyable. Horses in excellent condition and beautifully schooled. Countryside was absolutely amazing - wild flowers, mountains and lots of wide paths for galloping. We loved every minute of it - thank you. 
SM (London) 

"The horses and the riding really were the highlight of the trip for me. The horses were all superb, so well behaved - towards each other and their riders, and the stallions were real gentlemen!- you could canter alongside each other no problem. All the horses were so brave even the young ones  - they didn't spook at anything! Not at tractors, barking dogs, runaway mules or trains and lorries sounding their horns at us. My horse was a 5 year old palomino mare called Ramlia (affectionately known by all as Blondie!) and she was a delight, very sweet with an amusing character! I was after a faster ride than Jordan and that's definitely what i got! We really didn't hang about - just when we thought we were slowing down and walking for a bit we would be off cantering through olive groves and hay fields again- it was such good fun!
You definitely see the real Morocco on this ride which was fascinating, although not always picturesque- outside some villages we passed through we would also pass their rubbish tip and a ride on one morning we passed a quite industrial area. Fes, Rabat and Meknes are vibrant and bustling and great to have seen so much in such a short time even though we were all a bit tired by the last day in Meknes! I still managed to come home energised, with a few new muscles and ready to plan the next trip!"
EW (London) 

“The riding was fantastic, Rena brilliant too. The holiday was perfect in every way. Although I think the tents could have been better (bigger) for not much extra investment”.
CA (Leeds) 

"I found the first half hour the most stressful of the whole holiday as without much warning in the first 10 minutes we had to ride along a grass verge at the side of a busy 4 lane dual carriageway and then had to cross it…..if possible start the ride from the other side of that hideous road!
This is the only negative thing I have to say about the ride. The rest was fantastic, the horses were incredibly well mannered and the stallions very well behaved. You could canter a mare and stallion side by side and they didn’t bother at all. The horses were all very gentle and lovely to handle, the sweetest horses I have encountered on any trip so far. We were both riding fit and wanted something challenging and your information was pretty explicit. Some of the others in the group obviously hadn’t been given such clear information and weren’t expecting such a challenging ride. Having read your updated information about Rena’s trails I think your ride descriptions and expectations are entirely accurate.
Highlights of the trip: The changing landscape every day, the pace of the riding which was fast with lots of canters and gallops every morning and afternoon. It was great to ride fast over open countryside and not in a line on tracks and roads. The ride to camp on Xmas eve along the sandy cliff tops where we galloped for miles in the sunset is something I will never forget, as were the gallops on the beach on Xmas day". 
Dr & Mrs DF (Cumbria) Agadir & Golden Sands 

Just a short note to let you know that the trip to the Royal Cities let by Renate was the best horseback riding trip that I have ever taken.
The horses were terrific, strong, willing and controllable…some rougher than others...but I was put on a safe , fast and controllable mare.
The staff was excellent, cooking and breaking up camp...the food delicious and unbelievable that such good dishes can come from a small space in the back of a truck! All the problems were handled professionally and everything worked out well.
My one suggestion is that everyone should be required to bring a gel seat saver...they are necessary for some of the saddles...and for being in the saddle for over 4 hours.
SM (Brooklyn, USA) Royal Cities Ride 

I have rarely seen better cared for horses on trips that I have done, I think this is probably because Rena has bred most of them herself and she really looks after them. I didn't worry at all as we set off for our zillionth canter that the horses were being pushed too hard because she knows them so well…….. you were right about warning me about the fitness level - it was tough going, at least two day we did rides of 5 hours without stopping (although we didn't ride in the afternoon then) and Rena did not hang about: I haven't cantered/galloped so much on any other trip, including Kenya, I think. It was great.
TB (London) Royal Cities Ride 

Before the trip we were informed that it was a bit ‘rough and ready’ and I was fine with that but I felt others were not so prepared for a bit of fending for themselves. I had a fantastic ride mostly due to my kind, well behaved, beautiful horse. The ride was hard going in terms of day length and heavy rain / blazing sun, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of adventure. 
RB (Herts) Middle Atlas Ride 

An excellent endurance type ride on very fit horses. Varied terrain and some beautiful scenery – lakes, mountains and sea – what more can you ask for?
Condition of tack only fair but I believe good quality tack is impossible to buy in Morocco. But the saddles were comfortable and did not rub the horses.
CB (Kent) Golden Sands, Agadir & Atlantic Ride 

Great ride but I would stress the fact that the riding is tough, long, long days and very challenging. We were fine with that but some people in the group were physically very very challenged. 
SK (Italy) Tafilalelt Ride 

Excellent holiday, superb country and horseriding - great pace. Will do another one! 


Morocco - Auberge & Guesthouse Rides

Our guides Abdel (main) and Momo were brilliant and would highly recommend them to all future groups. They knew their horses, the landscape but equally listen to the guests at all times. Lovely company for sure. RB (Glasgow) 

“The holiday was AWESOME! The scenery was amazing. A highly recommended holiday, such fun, perfect pace, wonderful people.” HD (Dorset)

“We had a wonderful week riding Berber-Arab stallions across the Moroccan Sahara. We met up with the other members of the group and Abdel, our guide, knew exactly which horses were best suited to which riders: he got it right on the very first day and there were no problems thereafter! He was also a cheerful and encouraging leader who kept us all in good spirits during long days in the saddle despite the higher than average temperatures for the time of year. The horses were well schooled, fit, and knew their job. The inns and riads where we stopped for the night were all excellent: plenty of hot water, comfortable beds in clean rooms with soft, clean towels. The meals were delicious and varied, while sometimes the staff went out of their way to entertain us after dinner. Moroccan hospitality is deservedly renowned. Rosie at RWW could not have been more helpful and informative during the booking process, providing all the details we needed and reassurance when we were uncertain about our level of fitness. We were also awkward customers since we wanted to make our own way to Morocco in advance of the ride, and to stay on afterwards, so we had our own hotels in mind at the start of the ride. Everything went perfectly!” GM (Devon)

“Highlights of the trip were the dunes, the long and fast canters, sunrise and sunset in the desert.” AW (France)


Wolwedans to Wild Horses Ride with Richard Dunwoody -“Andrew and team were incredible. I sadly was unwell for a few days but Andrew went out of his way to make hot toddies at night time and kept me toped up with medicine during the day. We had a very diverse group but Andrew was very well placed to cope with all the personalities demanding and otherwise.” AS (Caymen Islands)

Wolwedans to Wild Horses Ride with Richard Dunwoody - “There was definitely something mystical about it all - the horses, the dunes, the people! Richard Dunwoody was completely amazing - what a gentleman and so enthusiastic about everybody and everything. Andrew Gillies and his team were superb - full of fun but also making sure we were always safe and enjoying the day. I really cannot praise them highly enough. Everyday there were highlights - from sleeping under the stars and looking at the Southern Cross in a totally clear sky and watching falling stars, to the extraordinary sand dunes, the amazing cooking on an outdoor fire, the people who made you feel special and the wonderful horses. Thank you for another trip of a lifetime!!!!” LM (Caymen Islands)

Wolwedans to Wild Horses Ride with Richard Dunwoody - "There are so many highlights, but to name but a few - galloping along with a herd of zebra, the differing scenery every day, the peace and quiet, the amazing food that Rayne cooked us every day, the friendliness of all the staff and cantering across the wide open plains. Really the whole trip was the highlight! The friendliness and professionalism of all staff from start to finish was second to none. I had the absolute trip of a lifetime, so my thanks go to everyone!" SO (Kent)

Namib Desert - “This is an adventure over varied terrain through which you can create a huge bond with a very capable horse. Agree, be fit! Don’t forget the buff and sun protection and ready for dust and sun. The days can be long and hot but you are well looked after with luxurious bed rolls, hot showers and excellent comforting food. The crew are relaxed, welcoming and fun. We had a group of 9 which was a nice number and I enjoyed this.” JP (Edinburgh)

Damaraland Elephant Ride -
“Thanks Rosie - as you would expect totally outstanding. Andrew and his team are quite exceptional, survived very easily and had an extraordinary experience. Brilliantly organised as well and none of us wanted to go home!” CG (London)

Damaraland Elephant Ride -
“Phenomenal Namibia - Horses, Crew, Location! Namibian Horse Safari Company coupled with Ride World Wide would have to rate as 1 of the best working combinations for pre and post holiday experience I have ever encountered. The attention to detail by both are second to none. The sheer enormity of logistics involved to make the Damaraland Elephant Safari a success has been honed perfectly without losing the personal touches that make such a journey so special. The crew were fun, informed, approachable and shared equal amounts of care among the guests as well as the health and well-being of their horses. I was impressed on a daily basis with their attention to detail. I am looking forward to revisiting Namibia again with NHSC and booking the next adventure through Ride World Wide. Great to have Nigel Harvey (from Ride World Wide) on the ride as you were able to experience part of the soul of this company. Will always put forward Ride World Wide as a recommended first choice for any riding holiday around the world.” SH (Australia)

Damaraland Elephant Ride -
What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? “The quality and professionalism of the guide, and the quality of the horses. Also the variation of the landscape was breathtaking and being in the middle of nowhere was great too. Finally, the food was superb.” RB (London)

Damaraland Elephant Ride -
What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? “It lived up to, if not exceeded, expectations - after the initial two days of settling back into the saddle and the long rides! I found the geology and plant life fascinating and would like to have had a chance to hear more. Andrew gave a good explanation of the stars on one evening.” JM (Northumberland)

Damaraland Elephant Ride -
What in your opinion were the highlights of the trip? "Where do I start...?! Incredible horses so suited to this type of ride, stunning and varied scenery, amazing riding terrain, fairly long riding days and plenty of opportunities to pick up the pace (not sure I've galloped so much on a ride...very exhilarating!), wonderful guides/crew, such care for the horses and for our safety and enjoyment, really great camp set up (super comfy bed rolls) and some of the best food I have eaten on any trip, let alone on a camping trip. The ride was in a very remote area, and you felt it. Which, for me, just added to the magic. Highly recommended."  AR (Staffordshire)

Namib Desert Ride - 
“The whole trip in its entirety is amazing. Thank you for organising what has easily been the very best riding holiday ever. It was everything I hoped and dreamt it would be, only better! I'm only heartbroken it's over and I'm back to the real world. Really looking forward to booking the next trip.” (GN, London)

Namib Desert Ride
“I had the BEST time ever ! Wonderful experience - wonderful horse - wonderful company (sometimes a little mad...) Andrew and his team are truly exceptional people and made everyone feel so well looked after. Wow we had a lot of fun. Thank you so much for putting it all together for me. I told Andrew I would be totally up for another ride - even one of his exploratory ones..” EP (London)

Namib Desert Ride
"I have done many riding trips but this was probably my favourite. To see no, litter, buildings, pylons or aeroplanes and few 4 x 4s for 9 days was not something I had experienced before and must be fairly unique. The surroundings were really breath-taking. I can take or leave game in places like Kenya, but in Namibia, where there is literally no water, it was frankly a miracle and therefore a privilege to see herds of oryx, springbok, zebra and wildebeest and healthy looking ones at that. The dedication of the staff on this trip left me speechless: they have what I would cause a skeleton crew on this trip but they worked tirelessly to ensure the horses received the best of care and that we as guests were properly looked after. The bed rolls are worthy of a special mention in dispatches. Vincent and Phoebe created banquets in the trailer kitchen! The riding was not for the faint-hearted which was exactly as it should be in such a vast landscape: forward-going and fast. Andrew Gillies was a great guide: a raconteur to be sure, but impressively knowledgable and responsible without being boring. Lastly the horses were some of the best I had ridden on trips: supremely fit and in great condition, but with little quirks in their characters that come with herd life. My only criticism is of myself: for not bringing enough warm clothes - it seems you can never have enough (we were advised to bring plenty): the desert can be really, really cold at night. I can't wait to go back: with extra layers."
TB (London) 

Wolwedans Namib Lodge Ride
“The land of fairies and giants! Words cannot really sum up the landscape of the Namib desert, but here goes...the topography, colour and hues are quite unlike anywhere I have ever experienced travelling the world on horseback. You feel like you are falling headlong into a picture postcard as the landscape envelops you and you become immersed in the extraordinary. Every ridge and crest reveals a new perspective, the land morphing around you into the surreal; every day is a revelation and cathartic. In the end, the landscape is so big, so vast and unworldly, that you become consumed by it, until you are ultimately at one with it. This isn’t really just about riding, although it is without doubt the best way to experience the country. This is about losing yourself in colour, in topography, in rhythm, in the wonder and expectation of bisecting a fairy circle, at arriving at a rock strewn camp built by giants, at crossing vast plains with oryx and zebra, and being transformed by the sunset and ever changing light raking the hills in colours ranging from lavender to pistachio green, to yellows of saffron and flaming June, and burnt umber hues. Nowhere else on Earth compares to here - it is unique. The horses are wonderful; good stamina is required to do 40kms a day, but this is broken up by a welcome lunch in the shade. The guiding is professional, laid back, with a heavy dose of banter. The lodges are in stunning locations, and you wake up to mesmerising sunrises that set the tone for the day. I would insist on Boulders and Private camp to make your stay both individual and out of this world. To sum it up, this is probably as near as you will get to riding on Mars, and you can’t say that every day! Combine it with a balloon trip and perhaps the waters of the Delta, and you have the ultimate trip to entice the senses!”
AC (London)

Namib Desert Ride
"Everyone should go on this ride before they die"
"All-in-all a great balance – probably one of the best rides ever"
TB (London)

"This experience will go down in my book as one of my most memorable, happy, startlingly beautiful, magnificent and educational! I had a love affair with the Namibian desert - what an unexpected treat!! Thank you to all those wonderful horses who so unstintingly gave of themselves on this trip! The real heroes!"
KM (South Africa)

"The ride was great, Andrew our leader and the support crew were fantastic and all my fellow riders were a delight. The horses were amazing covering some 400k of desert terrain. Overall this is up there as one of my best rides".
TM (Sussex)

"Andrew and his staff were WONDERFUL !! It is unfortunate that we saw very little game but since I’ve been to Africa multiple times in the past it was not a big disappointment. I was happy to be riding with some great people on great horses through stunning scenery.
Andrew is by far the best guide I have ever ridden with. He was just the right amount of friendly…he was also an amazing horseman and had extensive knowledge about the flora and fauna….. Andrew’s demeanour helped create a wonderful atmosphere in the camp, very inclusive of everyone, staff included and it made for some lovely times around the campfire. The horses were excellent …willing and forward going and a pleasure to be around. It took a while to get used to the saddles…. but eventually we all adapted and it was fine. Overall it was an excellent experience and other than scant game, which was neither a surprise nor a disappointment, it was a fabulous safari".
SDeB (Florida)

Highlights of the trip: "Stunning scenery and sleeping out under the stars. Andrew, Telane and the whole crew were delightful and always helpful. Andrew is one of the best guides I have ridden with." CH (East Sussex)

This ride was fantastic - well run with great horses……it was perfect.
TM (E Sussex)


Serengeti Safari- “Just to let you know we had an amazing ride with Jo - quite one of the best we've been on; absolutely outstanding in every aspect. The timing of our trip could not have been improved as we arrived in the heart of the great migration and the plains were covered with animals as far as the eye could see. Riding out to join the herds of giraffe/wildebeest/zebra was absolutely amazing. Camp was set up in a superb position with fantastic views and our only neighbours were local Masai villages.” PS (Hampshire)

Serengeti Safari
"I think the safari was incredible. I can't imagine one could ever hope to see more migration anywhere at any time. Just mind-blowing. It really felt like we were in the heart of it, moving with the animals. And the area is just breathtaking; Serengeti, endless plains it is indeed. Wonderful well-mannered horses, tasty imaginative meals. Jo (and her team) do a really amazing job; so impressive. To me it felt like a very special ride on so many levels. I really enjoyed meeting you and the other riders too; such a great group of people. Thank you so much for inviting me; I'm really glad I was able to join you all." AR (Staffordshire)

"How can I explain this trip? Everything was absolutely fantastic! The horses were a highlight, the staff lovely, the landscapes fantastic and all surrounded by the constant Maasai presence. Very inspiring. Jo is great, very knowledgeable and works in total respect of the nature and wild animals... Absolutely fantastic lady! The horse I was riding, Silent Hunter, I would have taken him home. An ex racehorse that definitely showed me what a gallop means :-) Thank you very much for organising all of this - it's been great!" SK, Italy

"We had a really great trip in Tanzania - Jo did an excellent job, good horses, wonderful scenery with plenty of game, great camp crew - all-in-all a super trip. The few days we added onto the end were also a super idea and gave us a chance to see more of Tanzania." BG, Northants