About Us

Ride World Wide was established in 1995 by founding directors Nigel Harvey and Ruth Taggart. It is one of the leading specialist riding holiday and horse safari tour operators in the UK. The business is now run from a base in Devon, a few miles from Dartmoor National Park.


Nigel Harvey
Nigel was born in Tanzania. His parents were in the Colonial Service and with childhood homes in Tanzania, Japan, Hungary, Greece, Peru and Chile, travel was always in his nature. After school in England and a course at Cirencester’s Royal College of Agriculture, he spent several years farming in South America, organising numerous riding trips in his spare time. Expeditions into the Andean foothills, a 3-month long solo ride through Patagonia and regular outings on Paso horses in Peru, all fed a growing passion for exploring by horse. After South America, he went to New Zealand where he completed a 3 week long solo ride across the South Island, before moving to South Africa to help run horse safaris and set up new riding operations in Botswana's Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. Ride World Wide was started on his return to England in 1995. With over 25 years hands-on experience of riding in far flung destinations, there are few people who know more about the riding holiday industry today.

Ruth Taggart
Ruth was born and brought up in England. Her riding background was typically English with pony club, hunting and local competitions all playing an important part. Horses were put on hold whilst she studied law at Cambridge University and, after qualifying as a solicitor, worked in London for 8 years. Her enthusiasm for horse safaris began when she took time off work to visit friends in South Africa. The chance to stay and help run horse safaris proved too exciting an opportunity to miss and during that time the seeds that would develop into Ride World Wide were sown. After South Africa, she moved to Botswana to help with a new horse safari operation and shortly afterwards rode in Spain, Chile and Argentina. Ride World Wide was started on her return to England in 1995.


Rosie Ware (nee Till)
Born and brought up in North Yorkshire, Rosie was riding before she could walk and horses and hunting have always been a huge part of her life. Before moving to Devon and joining Ride World Wide in July 2014, she spent 4 ½ years in the sporting travel industry and has enjoyed re-establishing close working relationships with operators of rides, lodges, hotels and estancias. Rosie has ridden in Kenya, Spain, Morocco, Jordan, Portugal and Romania to name a few and is keen to extend her hands on knowledge of Ride World Wide destinations.
Since they moved to Devon, Wallace, Rosie’s lurcher has become a model…