Why Book with us

  • Because we choose our rides with care and all are tried and personally tested
  • Because we’re reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. We don’t offer every ride there is and we don’t offer every ride we test. Each area and route has its highlights and attractions but our start point is always the horses. Our expectation? A horse you’d enjoy riding at home. Equally important is the ride operator and guide. We work with people we know and like, whose company we enjoy and who understand exactly what we want. We know they'll go the extra mile to make your holiday special. Why travel abroad for anything less? 
  • Because we know you’re an individual and that everyone is different. Our reputation is based on our personal approach to each and every rider and we’ll take the time to find out what you want from your holiday. Ride World Wide is so much more than just a compilation of every riding holiday available. We’re about making sure you find the one that is right for you. 
  • Because we’ll tell you what to expect when you get to where you want to go. However far afield and however remote the area you wish to travel to, we know your guides, the horses and the route you’ll take. 
  • Because we’ll give you a detailed, objective and independent view of what’s on offer. In the age of the internet, it’s not difficult to research and book direct - but will the operator you meet on-line have other rides to compare with? Will they have ridden elsewhere or is their experience limited to their own trip and country? We all learn by experience and however good something sounds, without knowing what other places offer, it might not quite hit the mark. And will the operator of a ride honestly tell you another ride is better or other horses more suited to you? We’ll give you lots of options but we’d rather you didn’t go at all than do a ride you won’t enjoy. For us it is not only about the ride you do now, it is also about the one you'll do next.  
  • Because you pay no extra to book through us. We have long-term relationships with the operators we work with and they pay us an agreed commission which does not affect your price. You will pay no more with us than to book direct - and in fact it usually helps the ride operator who has asked us to take the booking administration off their shoulders so they can concentrate on important things like horses and guiding!  If there’s a difference in price, tell us and we’ll check why. Sometimes exchange rate fluctuations affect a price we've quoted, but if the exchange rate has moved, we can usually make an adjustment and if it has moved the wrong way, you might be better off with us.  
  • Because we work with our operators for the long term and when you book through us, you’re more than just one individual booking; you’re part of an important line of future bookings and will be looked after all the better for that. You’ll also have our backup and input if you have a problem to raise with your guide. 
  • Because we are fully bonded and licensed under UK laws so you’re assured of financial security for any payments you make to us. The unexpected can happen - is it worth risking sending money somewhere this protection does not exist? There can also be hidden costs in sending money abroad, such as additional banking fees and charges you may not be aware of. 
  • Because we are personal and flexible; we are on the end of a 'phone, we are happy to talk to you on zoom, we can chat to you out of hours and we take all the hassle out of booking. We can also book flights, extra nights in a hotel, extra days at the beach, a sightseeing tour, a Galapagos cruise, a stay in a spa, a visit to the jungle - whatever you want, we’ll help arrange it. 
  • Because too many people just dream. Make it a memory, not just a dream.

‘’I don’t think I could fault this holiday and the efficiency of your company in Devon in any way.’’

‘’Well up to every expectation we might have had. Thank you for your excellent and comprehensive advice, clothes list etc. All spot on!’’