In The Press

The Times 2023
My wild horse ride in Transylvania
Alice Thomson - Romania, Transylvania Ride

Financial Times 2022
Riding with the Wildebeest
Sophy Roberts - Kenya, Masai Mara

Your Horse 2020
Passage through India
Pam Langrish - Riding Marwari Horses in Rajasthan

Financial Times 2018
On Stallions through the Sahara: Across Morocco
Saskia Burgess - A month long ride across Morocco
Financial Times 2016
Blazing Saddles: galloping up Mount Etna
Saskia Burgess - Riding in Sicily

Intelligent Life Nov/Dec 2015
Samantha Weinberg - Riding high in Georgia

Harper's Bazaar December 2014
Gaucho Style - a riding holiday in rural Brazil.pdf

Daily Mail September 2014

Country Life Magazine December 2013
Taking up the reins in Spain.pdf

Observer Magazine 2013

Evening Standard 2013
Join the Gauch Club - Michael Kallenbach at Estancia Los Potreros, Argentina

Tatler Travel Guide, January 2013
A riding holiday round up including Ethiopia, Brazil and Ecuador with Ride World Wide

Guardian 2012

Romania at a canter; Kate Kellaway riding through Transylvania

Spectator - September 2010.pdf

Away on the Range - Bernard Lyall sets aside his motorbike to discover the life of a Wyoming cowboy

Sunday Times - September 2010
Bernard Lyall at the Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming

Independent - July 2010
Michael Kallenbach rides through rolling countryside in the Dordogne, France

Guardian - August 2009
Alexandra Buxton rides through Cappadocia's weird rock formations, meadows and troglodyte caves.

Observer - March 2009
Gauchos take Kate Kellaway along Uruguay's stunning coast and teach her how to herd cattle on a working farm.

Readers Digest - February 2009.pdf
"Sciatica in Kyrgyzstan" - Imogen Stubbs braves the Tien Shan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan.

Horse Magazine - April 2009.pdf
"A mountain adventure" - Meriel Buxton combines horses, travel and adventure on a riding holiday of a lifetime in South America

The Dubai National - Jan 2009.pdf
"History at a canter" - Michael Kallenbach in Jordan's Wadi Rum

Horse & Pony, South Africa - Jan 2009.pdf
"I went on horseback safari" - Big cat crazy and pony mad, Ines Alves, 12, went on the safari of a lifetime with her family.

Mail on Sunday - December 2008
Michael Kallenbach explores the Wadi Rum in Jordan.

Psychologies Jordan, September 2008.pdf 
Riding High: Simone Topolski and her mother discover unspoilt beauty, blazing sunshine and freedom while riding in Jordan.

SPECTATOR July 2008  - A Honeymoon on Horseback: Olivia Glazebrook and her husband brave the Jordanian wilderness..’’…. I gazed at the darkening silhouettes of colossal sandstone mountains and I heard nothing but the wind, sighing across the sand and rattling in the bone-dry bushes…’’

Independent - July 2008
Michael Kallenbach saddles up in Zululand for a luxurious riding safari

OFF TO JORDAN 2008 Departures Magazine July 2008: Off to Jordan, Arabian Days and Nights with Michael Kallenbach

HORSE AND HOUND July 2008 - I'd be bored stiff on a beach

Newsweek, October 2007  - "A Ticket to Ride….forget simple trail rides, horse lovers now have more options than ever…sand dunes in Uruguay, cattle ranches in South Africa, tented camps along the silk road in Kygyzstan"

Telegraph - October 2007
Clover Stroud visits Ant’s Nest private game reserve in South Africa - the perfect place to stay with a child

Mail on Sunday - September 2007
Michael Kallenbach sets off on a riding safari in Kenya - no ordinary laid-back holiday..

Observer - July 2007
Kate Kellaway on riding in the Sierra Nevada - ‘’When I got home I didn’t know how I would ever return to a tame English paddock. The week was one of the most marvelous of my life. And although I deciduously scattered many of my possessions throughout the Spanish hills…I won’t ever throw the memories of that week to the winds’’

THE FIELD, June 2007 - Jonathan Young, a horseman manque, finds a willing mount in Kenya, bags some sandgrouse, catches fish and doesn’t get eaten by a lion….

Sunday Times - May 2007
Minette Marrin rides in Kyrgyzstan

COUNTRY LIFE, March 2007
 - Charge of the Wild Brigade - Elinor Goodman discovers that one of the best views of Botswana is through the ears of a horse.

THE OLDIE, December 2006  - Elinor Goodman celebrates her 60th birthday at African Horseback Safaris, Macatoo Camp in the Okavango Delta.