Tuesday 20th February 2018

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Kenya - Offbeat Mara Safari - February 2018 
“Many thanks, we had the most amazing holiday. Offbeat are amazing. We travelled with a couple who had experienced over 10 trails rides in Africa, this trip was the second time they had done this ride as they rated it so highly. If you ever need a review or recommendation for this ride I will be happy to supply. Many thanks to all at RWW for getting us organised.” (NR, Wiltshire)

Kenya - Offbeat Mara Safari - February 2018 
Brilliantly organised from the UK by RWW, we travelled to Kenya to ride with Offbeat Safaris. The holiday of a life-time. Many thanks to the RWW team for organising. (NR, Wiltshire)

Kenya - Offbeat Mara Safari - February 2018 
"How I got on.....it is hard to put in words!
I really had the best holiday of my life. It was such an intense experience being in the Mara for a whole week, sitting in the saddle all day long, sleeping (or not so much, actually) in a tent in the wilderness, listening to all the strange noises, riding all day long and seeing more game than I had ever hoped for.
Joss and Megan were fabulous and fun guides, the food was amazing, the staff so caring and if there were not so many restrictions on importing horses from Africa to Europe I would have tried to take my horse home with me. His name was Genius and a true genius he was.
Thank you so much for finding this trip for me and for organizing it so well.
I am one truly very happy customer!" (NW, Germany)

Jordan - Petra to Wadi Rum, November 
"... wanted to say that I had an absolutely incredible time, it was without doubt one of the best riding holidays I have ever been on, the horses were fantastic and we were given so much freedom, racing full-tilt across the plains of the Wadi Rum was definitely a highlight. Thanks so much for organising everything, especially as it was all so last minute from my end- really glad it came together. From the moment I got in touch the Ride World Wide team was brilliant, everything worked so smoothly door-to-door, Hashem and the team in Jordan were really fantastic and the horses were just perfect, it was a real privilege to ride them. Riding an Arab stallion across the desert was a dream come true! Thanks again for everything, I definitely know who to contact for my next riding holiday!" HB (Oxfordshire)

Morocco - Across Morocco - November 
“This is not a riding holiday, it's an Odyssey! Rena is incredible, the soul of a general. So far we've got to Zagora and luxury after 250 kilometres of hard riding and fine feasting, yes, I did say fine feasting. Ghislane our cook, another redoubtable lady conjures the most amazing meals from the back of the lorry, to say nothing of hot enough water to wash in. All the horses show great heart and spirit, the black mare Rivella that I've ridden for the last two days is a heroine, she goes like the wind. It is a magnificent landscape, pitiless, it's beauty and ugliness is beyond description and some of the Great Plains we ride across are as wide as desolation. I sleep outside my tent and wake when the sky turns purple before dawn, the sun rises fast, spreading the sky and sand with colour, quick as the splash from a painter's brush.” FG (Gloucestershire)

Portugal - Alentejo Coast - November
“Excellent satisfaction with RWW, both in preparation and follow-up. Excellent rating for the holiday, as I said to Claudia and Paulo. For me, the overall atmosphere was that I was out for long rides with friends, being introduced to their home area. I enjoyed the riding/horse on this trip as much as any. I did very much enjoy the coastal paths and riding through the dunes. It is also worth saying that no other ride I've been on for years has so many paths that allow frequent and long trots and canters. Paulo made very sure that we used these appropriately.” JF (Switzerland) 


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