Friday 19th October 2018

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Jordan, Petra to Wadi Rum October 2018 “The highlight of the trip was riding the amazing Arab stallion in the desert in excellent company. It was an excellent holiday that will be very hard to improve on. Amazing fit, fast horses with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Amazing time, thank you very much for organising it.” AL (Lancashire)

Jordan, Petra to Wadi Rum October 2018  "Really loved the gallops in the Wadi Rum. Hashem was a bit of a highlight for us girls and frankly he could have lead us round in circles and we wouldn’t have noticed!” JA (Dorset)

Jordan, Petra to Wadi Rum September 2018 “Am in Abu Dhabi airport waiting for flight back to HK, and wanted to let you know I had an amazing time - it was unforgettable and I'm now worried no other trail riding holiday can compare! Hashem and team were fantastic (you won't be surprised to hear) and I can't wait to go through my photos." RL (Hong Kong)

Spain, Menorca September 2018 - “ Not fast but the riding is tricky and ' hairy'. Kept you on your toes. Tough volcanic riding country on the coast lots of ups and downs over precarious boulders. Best solution was to hold the reins in one hand and use the free hand to balance or hang onto the back of the saddle when going steeply downhill and leaping boulders. Lovely coastal track but glad I Didn't suffer from vertigo! Horses were FANTASTIC. ” RG, (Surrey)

Spain, Menorca September 2018 - “....though the amazing horses look after you so well, anyone with vertigo or a bit unconfident would struggle, and there is no going back!!! Great to see Maria Elena, she is a class act!!! Thanks so much for organising such a great holiday.” MH, (West Sussex).

Spain, Menorca September 2018 - “The incredible horses which were so sure footed down the narrow stoney paths. We did not know that horses could go on such terrain. Very good food and wine! Probably our favourite ride with the Seville one. It really was a very successful holiday!” SW, (Surrey)

Spain, Sierra Nevada September 2018 "…the holiday was wonderful. We couldn't fault one thing. The horses were lovely, and in wonderful condition; the scenery and rides were amazing; the accommodation was excellent, and food brilliant. Dallas and the team are so good at their jobs, and make it seem so easy. They were brilliant company, and made us so welcome. We had a fantastic holiday; it just wasn't long enough!! I don't think your booklet makes the ride out to be as good as it really is!!” JF (North Yorkshire)

Botswana, Kujwana Camp September 2018 - “Well what an amazing experience we've had, to us it was a fault less holiday, from the moment we landed at Maun to the return journey home from Livingston, what a shame to have to leave! The holidays draft itinerary, for the journeys was our little bible and was true to form, we were met by smiling local reps always punctual and helpful. Helicopter, planes, boats, mini buses, cars we had them predominantly to ourselves, how bespoke was that! What an outfit Barney runs, devoted to over 60 horses, knowing their names ages and breeding, training the grooms, horses, caring for their wellbeing, an incredible set up. Our guides were fantastic, with such knowledge and love for what they do, we saw so many incredible animals and got quite close, us observing them and them us. I still can't believe we saw and heard such wildlife. Elephants joining us in camp! There was no sense of time, it was wonderful not being around our modern world, no radio, tv, telephone, just the beautiful sounds of the Bush, heaven and everyone truly engaging without interruptions, amazing. Leaving camp was quite sad….” AS (Buckinghamshire)



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