Thursday 17th August 2017

Travel Blogs & Comments of the moment

Spain, Girona High Pyrenees Ride - July 2017
“The entire week was a highlight. It was great to have Rosie there for a start as she could answer any questions, had knowledge of the area and knew the people running the taxis and the centre so that made it all more relaxing. Xavi was just fantastic. He knew all his horses so well, he knew the area so well and was constantly evaluating the weather, route, horses, riders, and changing anything as and when he saw fit. I felt completely safe at all times, even on some of the teeny but beautiful tracks we were crossing for the amazing views. He paced the ride perfectly and was so safe in the decisions he made and knowledge of the routes. He was adaptable and there was nothing he didn't fix/cut down/clear/heal/sort out for the entire week. Sergio his second guide was also great. Translating all week, he had wonderful patience with all of us and kept smiling throughout the entire week. Xavi did a debrief at the end of everyday showing us the route, the distance, the altitude of the day too. It was just fantastic all week. I've come home and talked about it until everyone is fed up of me, and recommended it to everyone who'd listen. As a loan traveller Rosie really made me feel comfortable and was great at getting the group chatting and together. I do think we were more of a cohesive group with Rosie being there and being very inclusive with everyone.” AS (Devon) 

Spain, Gredos Summer Ride - July 2017
“Maria Elena is the most amazing person and absolutely made the trip. My horse was perfect for me. The company on the ride was friendly and we all looked out for each other. The rides were well thought out for the hot temperatures. The FOOD !!! OMG amazing.” RT (New Zealand)

Georgia - June 2017
Highlights? “The views, the incredible wild flower meadows, the smell of herbs as we cantered through these fields, the obedience and gentleness of the horses, the cooling river crossings, the 'off the beaten track' experiences such as round the outer walls of the church fortress on foot through shoulder high weeds and to find the tunnel which lead to the river at Dmanisi, staying with Laela and Charlie (the Pekinese!), the wine which came in unlabelled plastic bottles with red lids, seemingly to have right of way down public roads over the motorised vehicles, the kindness of Levan's wife (Eno) and daughter (Nino) who joined us for dinner and looked after us while we were in Tbilisi, meals in courses, the amazing tomatoes which we had at every meal, picking mulberries off the trees, snoozing in the shade under the trees each lunchtime.”
RM (Wilts)

Botswana, African Horseback Safaris - June 2017
"The moment we entered into the care of African Horseback Safaris everything ran with professionalism and attention to detail. Key highlights included: 1) The rides: led by expert guides, with a small group following. We were fortunate enough to canter with giraffe through the delta, see large numbers of elephant and get close to a hippo wallowing in its own private pool. 2) The camp and facilities: Our tent was beautifully set-up, suitably secluded and overlooking the delta. Only the occasional elephant walking in front of the veranda reminded you that you were not totally alone. 3) The people: Katie, the camp manager is a fantastic and unflappable host, with a wry sense of humour and ability to make all feel welcome. The guides, especially Bongwe and Sekongo, are immensely passionate… It was evident that there was a great community amongst all the staff and this in turn fed a very warm and genuine atmosphere in camp. The whole trip was really something special. I can't wait to return!
Ride World Wide, in particular Louise who dealt with our booking, were fantastic agents. We received advice on what to bring, which flights would work best and answers to a multitude of other silly questions! I could not recommend more highly."
JW (Oxfordshire)

Sicily, Transiciliana Ride - June 2017
“The horses were incredible. Extremely well-behaved, well-mannered, fit, sure-footed and safe. Perfect for the terrain. Everyone was matched perfectly to their horse. My little mare, Zelda, was keen, eager, walked out well, easily kept up with the fast paced riding and did everything I asked of her, as well as being very sweet-natured (and a great size for me). I never once felt unsafe or like she'd do anything silly. She was perfect for me! The scenery was spectacular; mountain vistas, beautiful forests, lakes, and of course the magnificent volcano. A good variety of landscapes and terrains; and the cool of the forests very welcome relief from the sun. The diversity of accommodation and evening meals were also fabulous.”
AR (Staffs)

Sicilly, Transiciliana Ride - June 2017
“We had a wonderful holiday - beautifully schooled horses in peak condition, and Sicily is a dream.” FS (Norwich)

Greece, Katigiorgis Ride - June 2017
“I had a fabulous time, wonderful host and absolutely fantastic gorgeous horses (I will be dreaming about them)!. Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Eric for all his efforts. In a world when you only get a few precious horsey days (with too much work) they are so important. Days to treasure. The weather was unfortunately a bit unstable so we unfortunately weren't able to carry out the full itinerary but Eric made sure we made the best of it.” LL (Wiltshire)


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