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Morocco is a melting pot of African and Arab cultures and has a landscape ranging from barren mountains, cedarwood forests and lush valleys in the Atlas, to huge sand dunes, date palm oases and endless empty beaches in the south and west. Exotic Arabian cities with their colourful souks and Kasbahs contrast with remote desert villages of the Berber people whose farming culture is very much linked with the horse and boasts its own unique breed, the Berber Arabs, perfectly suited to harsh desert and mountains. There are several different ride itineraries in distinct areas of Morocco that include the Middle Atlas, the Atlantic Coast and the northern edge of the Sahara Desert. All rides are progressive, following a route from one place to another. They include long riding hours, going that is fast and challenging and are aimed at adventurous, confident and independent riders. If you relish a challenge, they will give you a real sense of achievement.

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Riding: 5-8 hours a day

Horses: Arabs and Berber Arabs

Pace: moderate to fast with plenty of long canters, but varies with itinerary

Riding ability: confident intermediate to experienced riders

Weight limit: 95kg (15 stone)

Accommodation: 3∆ camping, 2* & 3* hotels

Group size: maximum 10

Season: year round


Horses: The horses used are mostly pure and cross bred Berber Arabs of between about 14.2hh and 16hh. They are of a fairly narrow build, but are strong and sure footed. They are a forward going, responsive and enjoyable to ride and there is a good selection of horses for riders of different abilities. Both mares and stallions are used on the rides - stallions need to be kept away from the group but they are all easy to control and responsive and if you have a preference as to what you prefer to ride (mare or stallion) then you need only ask. There is a weight limit of 95kg (15 stone) though please call to check if you are close to this. Groups are maximum of 10 guests.

Hours: There is usually about 6 hours riding a day, riding from camp to camp. Rides are broken up with rests for lunch etc. but on some rides there may be days when you ride 4 or 5 hours or so without a break.

Pace and experience required: To join a ride you must be a fairly experienced rider who is comfortable on a horse at all paces from a walk to fast canter in open country. You will be riding over varied terrain and in open country. The going on these rides does vary from area to area, with some parts quite rough or rocky but where the going is good the pace is often fast, with long canters across open plains and riders are encouraged to spread out. Generally you will cover 40 to 50km a day and you are expected to cope, keep up and stop when required, so you need to be confident and fit.


Accommodation on all rides is in a mixture of hotels and camps which are set up ahead of you. Hotels are comfortable, generally about 3* and bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms - they often have a swimming pool. Camping is fairly basic - small 2 man dome tents are used, with foam mattresses (about 3" thick) provided to sleep on. There is a general mess tent for eating, a 'short drop' loo tent, and also a washing tent. Jugs of hot water are provided on request for washing in the wash tent. Luggage will be transported by back up vehicle which will also meet you for lunch where possible. When it is not possible to meet the back up then a picnic lunch will be carried in the saddlebags.


Rates 2019

(prices assume 4 or more riders)

Royal Cities Camping Ride (7 nights) - Euros 975
single supplement Euros 125

Royal Cities Guesthouse Ride (7 nights) - Euros 1140
single supplement Euros 190

Middle Atlas Ride (9 nights) - Euros 825
single supplement Euros 125

Golden Sands, Agadir & Atlantic Ride (7 nights) - Euros 975
single supplement Euros 80

Nomadic Lands & White Beaches (14 nights) - Euros 1515
single supplement Euros 125
(8 nights) - Euros 1060; single supplement Euros 80
(7 nights) - Euros 975; single supplement Euros 80

Sand Dunes Ride (7 nights)
Camping - Euros 975; single supplement Euros 80

Guesthouse - Euros 1140; single supplement Euros 125

Tafilalelt Ride (14 nights) - Euros 1515
single supplement Euros 125
(7 nights) - Euros 975; single supplement Euros 80
(8 nights) - Euros 1060; single supplement Euros 90

Tata - Akka (14 nights) - Euros 1515 
(single supplement 125 Euros)

Across Morocco, East to West (27 nights - for return guest only) - Euros 2780
(single supplement 250 euros)

Prices are quoted in Euros. Payments to us can of course be made in pounds sterling if you wish and we can give you a sterling rate at the time of booking.


Rates include - all riding, twin accommodation, all meals and equipment, transfers as indicated and the services of local and an English speaking guide.


Rates exclude - international flights and taxes to Morocco, your bar bill, personal travel / medical insurance (which you must have), any visa fees nor any tips you might wish to leave.

Dates 2019

Royal Cities Camping Ride
19th to 26th May 2019
2nd to 9th June 2019
8th to 15th September 2019
22nd to 29th September 2019
29th September to 6th October 2019

Royal Cities Guesthouse Ride
On request for groups of 4 or more

Middle Atlas Ride
5th to 14th July 2019
16th to 25th August 2019

Golden Sands, Agadir and Atlantic Ride
1st to 8th December 2019
21st to 28th December 2019
29th December 2019 to 5th January 2020

Sand Dunes Ride
29th March to 5th April 2020
5th to 12th April 2020

Nomadic Lands & White Beaches
8th to 22nd February 2020
(1st half 8 nights or 2nd half 7 nights also possible)

Tafilalelt Ride
15th to 29th March 2020
(1st half 7 nights or 2nd half 8 nights also possible)

Across Morocco, East to West (return guests only)
3rd November to 1st December 2019

Other private group rides also arranged on request



Itinerary in Brief (Golden Sands Agadir & Atlantic Ride)

Day 1 Met at Agadir airport and transfer to a hotel in Agadir for dinner & night.
Day 2
Set off in the early morning, driving to meet the horses. Cross the fertile plain of Souss on sandy tracks good for long canters. Dinner and night in camp.
Day 3
Ride on along dirt tracks that connect the Berber villages. The land here is poorer with few crops and the clay houses are surrounded by hedges of cactus. Dinner and night in camp.
Day 4
Breakfast in camp and set off, descending from the high plains into rocky deserted hills. Here the villagers make their living from sheep and the Argan tree which produces a uniquely flavoured cooking oil. Stop for lunch beside a small lake in the hills and then ride on to camp on the shores of Lake Youssef Ibn Tachafine. Dinner and night in camp.
Day 5
The ride today's takes you over the hills of Tachilla and then on towards Tiznit. The terrain is varied with sand dunes, rocky plains and deep canyons. Leave the horses at a small village and drive to Tiznit, famous for it's silver work. Dinner and night at a hotel in Tiznit.
Day 6
Breakfast and return to the horses. Set off riding, crossing first a stony plain, then through cactus and scrub woods, to reach the Atlantic coast in time for a picnic lunch. Long canters along the coast in the afternoon take you to camp. Dinner and night in camp.
Day 7
The morning ride follows the coastline, with long gallops along deserted beaches. Once in a while you will ride into the sand dunes and low hills just inland. Picnic in a eucalyptus forest close to the "oued Souss" bird reserve. In the afternoon ride on towards civilisation. Farwell to the horses and drive to the hotel in Agadir. Dinner and night in Agadir.
Day 8
Breakfast and own arrangements for onward travel.
  Contact us at or on tel (+44) (0)1837-82544 / 825440 for further information, detailed itineraries, dates and answers to questions.

Each ride itinerary has a different meeting point - either Fes, Agadir, Ouzarzate or Rabat (please see the individual itinerary or ask for more information).
Royal Air Maroc fly daily to Casablanca from London and have onward flights to Fes, Rabat, Agadir and Ourzazate.  
Easy Jet fly from Gatwick to Agadir two or three a week and to Marrakech daily. Ryan Air fly from London Stansted to Fes and Rabat (and Marrakech). British Airways fly from Gatwick to Marrakech. You can also fly via Paris with Air France who fly from Paris CDC to Rabat and Casablanca. There is a good train service in Morocco ( and there is a station at Casablanca airport with mainline connections between Meknes, Fes, Rabat and Marrakech. You can also travel by train all the way from the UK (see-

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